Dragon Con: Pictures as Promised

We had tons of fun last month at Dragon Con! Here are a few pictures as evidence of our completion of this bucket list task!



2017 Bucket List: Completion Report

While the temperature outside may still denote Summer, my school calendar does not. A new Happy Planner has been purchased and pre-pre-planning is underway. I have to go back to work a little bit earlier these days…however it is easy to get back into the school year swing when you absolutely love your job AND when the one who helps with Addie during the day is the same woman who raised you (thanks MOM)!


We had another epic Summer in the Harvey household complete with trips to Disney World, a cruise to Mexico, time spent at the Lake and Beach. It’s a wonder that we were able to complete anything on our Summer Bucket List with all that extra fun…but Addie and I are pros at this bucket list thing. Check out of progress this Summer!

Here is the list for this year:

  1. Make a stepping stone- Bought the supplies, but not yet completed. I will post picks with the finished product!
  2. Collect and paint rocks- CHECK!
  3. Visit the Trampoline Park- CHECK!
  4. Paint Pottery- CHECK! Addie did such a great job. The lady who works there noted how much patience she had painting all of her pieces.
  5. Create a spa night at home- CHECK! Aunt Mer took us to a neat place that allows you to customize and create your own bath scrubs and oils. We used these and some samples of spa lotions and nail polish that we got for free the same day.
  6. Go to a summer matinee- CHECK! We saw Cars III….not my favorite Disney movie, but a Disney movie is better than almost anything else out so I call it a win.
  7. Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day- I really like doing this, but it is so much more fun as a group. I will add it to the Fall Bucket List to redeem ourselves!
  8. Tie dye- CHECK!
  9. Have a picnic/tea party- CHECK! This was Addie’s first-official-non-pretend Tea Party. She LOVED it!
  10. Go sea shelling in St. Augustine- CHECK (sort of). We went to Fernandina instead and there were VERY FEW shells.
  11. Make homemade pizza- NOPE.
  12. Make jewelry- CHECK! Addie made a necklace and bracelet with her name on it and all.
  13. Go to the beach with friends- CHECK!
  14. Have a lazy day around the house- CHECK! We actually had several of these….until I decide I can’t stand being cooped up and we go head to town or anywhere.
  15. Go to a U-pick farm- CHECK! This year we actually picked tomatoes. YUM!
  16. Go to the open studio hours at a local kids art studio (Henny Penny or Scribble Art Studio)- NOPE. Maybe sometime soon?

All in all it was a great Summer. I can’t wait for many more with this little chick!


Summer Bucket List: Addie’s First Tea Party

We have played “tea party” in the bath tub, playroom, at Mimi’s house, and just about everywhere. Addie has made raspberry, peach, blueberry, chocolate, and even the occasional broccoli and carrot tea. This week Addie, Mimi, and I had a chance to have our very own real tea party. Look at the pictures below. I think it is safe to say that it was a great experience, and I am sure will become at the very least an annual tradition!

Addie’s First Tea
Yum, raspberry tea!
Three lumps is better than two!
Gotta have the pinky out!

Summer 2017 Bucket List


Another glorious summer is here! As an educator, Summer is the season of life in which we can stay up late, pretend for a little while that we are stay at home moms, finally get to that overdue spring cleaning, READ, be the fun mom that you wanted to be all year, cook actual meals that aren’t from a box, can, or freezer, and reconnect with family and friends. Yes, summer sabbaticals are amazing. They recharge our batteries and allow us to hit the ground running at 110% come August!

Summer is great, but it doesn’t last! In order to make the most of each summer day with Addie I find it helpful to create a bucket list (of course….). In years to come I think it will be even more fun as she will get to come up with unique and crazy adventures to add to our list each year as well.

Here is the list for this year:

  1. Make a stepping stone (We did this last year, so I would like to make it a yearly tradition).
  2. Collect and paint rocks
  3. Visit the Trampoline Park
  4. Paint Pottery
  5. Create a spa night at home
  6. Go to a summer matinee
  7. Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day
  8. Tie dye
  9. Have a picnic/tea party
  10. Go sea shelling in St. Augustine
  11. Make homemade pizza
  12. Make jewelry
  13. Go to the beach with friends
  14. Have a lazy day around the house
  15. Go to a U-pick farm
  16. Go to the open studio hours at a local kids art studio (Henny Penny or Scribble Art Studio)

We still have a little bit  more time before I go back to school. I will be sure to post our accomplishments then! What’s on your list this summer?


Saturday With Addie: New Rides and New Kicks

Confession: This weekend was a lot of fun. Too much fun probably… You see, I only have a few more months left to go until I earn my Ed.S degree (ekkk!) from Georgia Southern and I should have been working on my action research thesis. I should have been getting ahead of some Gifted certification course work, grading papers, and myriad of other school related tasks. I will get it done eventually, but it didn’t happen this weekend.

Reality: Here is what did go on this weekend…

1. Friday Waring and I ran the Shamrock Run. I will admit I didn’t want to run. It was cold. Our running buddies were sick. Did I mention it was sick. I would have muuuuuch rather curled up on the couch, ate a greasy burger, and watch another Hallmark movie. But….when it was all said and done I am glad that we finished strong. Waring and I are passionate about the March of Dimes because of all that they have done for Baby Addie. You see, when Addie was first born she had respiratory distress. She needed a special drug that was developed through the funding and support of this wonderful charity. This wonderful weekend with Addie was made possible because of the heroic efforts of the March of Dimes, and for that reason we ran and will keep running for years to come.

addiemarch5 addiemarch6

2. Saturday morning HUBBY got to ride a Lamborghini, and subsequently marked a HUGE item off of his own bucket list! (Thanks Mom and Dad for this thrilling Christmas gift!)

addiemarch3 addiemarch2

3. Addie got some new kicks. See the evidence below… AND she showed them off at my cousin Grace’s Sweet 16 Party. She was a showstopper!!

addie addiemarch addiemarch1


Now, doesn’t this weekend sound MUCH better than being holed up in a room with a laptop and a bunch of articles and data?!? Let me answer that for you. YES, yes it does. I WILL get the work done, and I WILL probably have to be up late (very late) in the near future to get everything finished. This weekend was worth it!

2015: Another year, Another Bucket List

I am not sure if it is just the bigger journal that I have to write out my goals in or if I am just feeling overly ambitious this year, but the 2015 Bucket List is jammed-packed!

Here’s the Plan:

1. Be more thoughtful (create a thankful box and plan to send more cards, flowers, letters, and thoughtful gestures each month).

2. Read 15 books (2 personal finance, 2 parenting, 3 devotions)

3. Learn to sew and making something for Addie

4. crochet a blanket

5. Build our dream home

6. Visit 2 new states

7. Celebrate 10 wacky holidays

8. Go zorbing

9. Take Addie on her first trip to Disney (to visit Mariah)

10. Go see Tori and John in Winston-Salem

11. GO see Audra, Drew, and Baby Samuel

12. Hang glide,

13. Triathalon

14. Krispy Kreme Challenge

15. Plant hydrangea and bougainvillea

16. Fine my “signature dish”

17. Complete 2 Minimalist challenges (more on this later)

18. Create a will

19. Complete at least 2 100 Day Challenges (more info to come)

20. Celebrate the Highland Games

21. Stick to a budget ALL year

22. Dye my hair a crazy color

23. Start and keep a prayer journal

24. Get a henna tattoo

25. Give up soda (again)

26. Get to happy college weight again

27. Brush up my Spanish for the mission trip

28. Put Waring second only to God

29. Get our home’s first nativity set

30. Start an Advent Calendar

31. Learn about homesteading (Rain water collection, composting, bees, chickens)

32. Go to an stargazing event

33. Run the 1/2 marathon for time

34. Make homemade soap

35. Make our own bedroom furniture

36. Learn and use essential oils

37. Focus on 5 specific individuals all year in prayer

38. Keep fresh flowers in our new home

39. Create an emergency preparedness kit

40. Set up autodrafts into our IRA


42. Smashbook ALL year!

43. Complete the Tybee Polar Plunge!

I am excited to see where this year takes our family. We have a lot of things to look forward to this year, like finishing grad school, building our new house, and going on a mission trip with church. I know that even if  I never cross off another bucket list item that our little family is BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!

Half Marathon: Bucket List Adventure ACCOMPLISHED!

After growing to an all new-larger-than-life-me during pregnancy I knew once 2014 began I wanted to do something that I didn’t think I was physically able to do. I wanted to run a half-marathon. I half-heartedly (pun intended) added it to my bucket list for this year, thinking all the while that this was a goal far out of reach. Eleven months later, however, I am proud to say that I am a medal-wearing member of the HALF MARATHON FINISHER CLUB! Yes, I did run at the pace of a turtle trudging through peanut butter, but I made it across that finish line just the same!

I am so thankful for our dearest friends, Meredith and Justin, who sacrificed their time, sweat, and even their knees to help accomplish this crazy bucket list goal of mine. While the four of us can’t say that we are IN LOVE with running, I am thankful for the MANY MILES that we spent together catching up on the latest news and sharing our lives and heart with each other. IF only those roads could talk…they would have many stories to tell! 🙂

I am not sure what next year’s bucket list adventures will have in store for me and my family, but this one has sure taught me a lot about determination, loyalty, and love. Thank you GOD for allowing us this victory!

mar mar3 mar4mar 6 mar 7 mar 8