2020 Bucket List Year-End Review

Wow. Just wow. Does anyone really have words to describe the year that was 2020?! I was ambitious like never before with my annual bucket list. With two international trips already planned, we were poise to have another amazing, bucket-list busting year. Who knew that I should have identified “experience pandemic life” as a primary bucket list item that would monopolize much of my previous bucket-list plans. In hindsight, I am thankful for this weird year and the lessons that it is continuing to teach us.

This year I was able to fully complete 26/60 items and partially completed a handful more. The truth is my annual bucket lists aren’t really about completion. They are able being intentional with the finite resource of time and making memories with those I love. The older that I get, the more confident I am in the fact that I don’t have all the answers and I am not in control. That won’t stop me from reaching for a better version of myself and hoping for a brighter tomorrow!

There were a few items of note that weren’t on the annual bucket list, but WERE just as important:

  1. Waring became an officially certified and employed school counselor!
  2. Addie moved schools to be with her dad!
  3. I started back to grad school in hopes of becoming Dr. Harvey in a few short years!

Word of the Year: Present

Mantra: Choose the BIGGER LIFE. / Be APRIL.

Bucket List: 2020 Edition

  1. Write a letter to my 8 and 80 year old self–DONE!
  2. Run a marathon- Ran a 10K…
  3. Speak Spanish
  4. Go one year without soda—DONE and it felt so good that I think I will continue this trend into 2021.
  5. Sew my own dress- Maybe in 2021…
  6. Crochet something— DONE!A mug warmer…but it still counts!
  7. Make my own jewelry— DONE!I love making polymer clay earrings!
  8. Become debt free– Still working on this, but I decided to go back to school and cash-flowing this has slowed process down a bit. We have our sights set on 2021, though!
  9. Make my own candles—DONE! Time to make more!
  10. Try cryotherapy- Maybe in 2021…
  11. Host an Olympics Opening Ceremony party- Can you believe that the Olympics were cancelled?!?
  12. Host routine family dinners–We held one before COVID. UGH.
  13. Make pasta from scratch—DONE! The gnocchi was delicious!
  14. Visit a new continent- Maybe in 2021…
  15. See all 50 states- Maybe in 2021…
  16. Attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade- Can you believe that they did the parade WITHOUT a live audience?!?
  17. Go paintballing- Maybe in 2021…
  18. Make Granny’s Biscuits–DONE! (but not well)
  19. Try an IV drip- Maybe in 2021…
  20. Go to an ancient bath- Maybe in 2021…
  21. Learn to needle felt–DONE! I made a heart, a gnome, and a butterfly brooch for my granny
  22. Run a triathalon- Maybe in 2021…
  23. Drive a tank- Maybe in 2021…
  24. Carve my initials in a tree- This was just pure laziness, we should have done this!
  25. Make Granny Layne’s cake–DONE! There is photographic evidence that this turned out well!
  26. Go to Disneyland- Maybe in 2021…
  27. Take a DNA test- Maybe in 2021…
  28. Plant hydrangeas and blueberries- Maybe in 2021…
  29. Try a soundbath–DONE! (Virtually).
  30. Try Reiki- Took a course with a sweet former teacher friend!
  31. Learn how to stain glass
  32. Create a memory jar–DONE!
  33. Create my own spice blends—DONE! (Farm dust, chipotle, Chai coffee mix, fajita)–THESE are so good and I will certainly keep making the Farm Dust and Chipotle seasonings. They are so good!
  34. Blend tea- Maybe in 2021…
  35. Grow microgreens—DONE! I am pretty much a microgreen farmer.
  36. Stomp grapes- DONE at the Grape Crust Festival this year at Cartecay Vineyards (outside and socially-distanced)
  37. Swim with dolphins- Maybe in 2021…
  38. Become a yogi- I did start back with a morning yoga practice, but I have so far to go. There will be a yoga goal in 2021!
  39. Hold monthly Mariah dates- 😦
  40. Hold 12 high school friend gatherings- I think we had 5 face to face and one virtual session….
  41. Go on 6 date nights—DONE!
  42. Try yerba mate in Argentina- We did learn about making yerba mate from an Argentinian on Zoom and we tried some of it ourselves as well, so I am calling this a partially completed task!
  43. Go foraging- Maybe in 2021…
  44. Go hiking- Yes! Cascades Waterfall in Boone, NC and the Flatirons in Boulder, CO
  45. Read 6 devotional books- I finished one, several sermon podcasts, and some audio books.
  46. Have 6 craft nights with the girls- YES!
  47. Practice archery- YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch in Grandby, CO
  48. Cook indian at home 3 times- DONE! I can make a mean Keto Butter Chicken!
  49. Play in mud puddles with Addie- DONE!
  50. Fast 6 full days- One day….
  51. Pay a stranger’s bill 3 times—I think that we did this twice. It felt good each time….but I think that I need to put a reminder on my phone or car so I don’t forget to do this when I am checking out.
  52. Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day- Maybe in 2021…
  53. Participate in a local missions activity 3 times- Maybe in 2021…
  54. Cosplay at DragonCon- This was a virtual event, so maybe next year.
  55. Picnic outside 3 times—DONE!
  56. Stay up for 2 days straight- Maybe in 2021…
  57. Write a book- Maybe in 2021…
  58. Write 20 recipes in our family cookbook—I think I ended up with about 15, still a great start! I hope to collect more in 2021!
  59. See 6 sunrises or sunsets—DONE! Blue Ridge, Tybee, Meldrim, Grandby, Boone. I am better at capturing sunrises than sunsets. Sunrises require planning and preparation and we are typically busy during sunsets. 🙂
  60. Create and bury a 2020 time capsule–I have been saving scraps and items all year. We are doing this today!

Summer Bucket List: Celebrate Ella’s Birthday

Ella’s birthday this year was different. Because of COVID we just invite our close family and we held the event outside. Thank goodness the evening was one of the midler June nights that we had in Georgia this year. We had a great time celebrating our littlest little princess.

I feel like kid obsessions change within a blink of an eye. As of today, Ella is obsessed with kitty cats, Bubble Guppies, and the color pink. In June she was really into teddy bears, so of course we had to have a Teddy Bear Picnic.

She was much more into eating the cake (read: icing) this year and opening her presents. At times like these I am reminded how quickly time passes. Just like Gretchen Rubin says, “the days are long but the years are short.” Amen sister, amen.

2020 Summer Bucket List

2020 Harvey 

Summer Bucket List

▢ Pick tomatoes & make BLTs

▢ Go camping

▢ Pick blueberries

▢ Pick blackberries

▢ Make homemade jam

▢ Make homemade ice cream

▢ Find & paint character rocks

▢ Watch ALL of the Starwars movies-IIIII (almost there!)

▢ Create Addie’s own Summer Bucket List

▢ Take a perfume class & make custom blend

▢ Go fishing

▢ Celebrate Ella’s 2nd birthday

▢ Make three foods from a kids cookbook

▢ Add 5 recipes to the family cookbook (2 out of 5)

▢ Create Year 10 & 11 photobooks

▢ Celebrate 11 Years of Marriage

▢ Paint Pottery

▢ Host a backyard pool party

▢ At home legit movie night

▢ Celebrate Trish’s 40th birthday                                                                     

▢ Go to Blue Ridge

▢ Host a Spanish-themed dinner

▢ Cook Indian food

▢ Go to a tea party

▢ Make homemade pizza

▢ Back to school family night

▢ Game night

▢ Launch a sky lantern

▢ Make homemade snow cones

▢ Go on 2 date nights- II

▢ Read 3 chapter books together with Addie (1)

▢ Sew a dress

▢ Go foraging in the woods

▢ Go hiking

▢ Participate in a local missions activity

▢ Throw a teddy bear’s picnic

▢ Go to the farmer’s market

▢ Watch a sunset/sunrise

▢ Throw a spa night

▢ Craft night!

▢ Feed the ducks at the lake (fed the fish instead)

▢ Start a mother-daughter journal (This is one of the sweetest things we did this summer)

▢Pay it forward- I (When I go to McDonald’s I try to remember to pay for the person behind me too)

▢ Drive-in movie (Saw Trolls World Tour)

▢ Fondue night

▢ Paintball

▢ Make a blanket fort



2020 Bucket List Item #9: Make My Own Candles

This year I want to channel my inner eight year old. I want to explore, discover, make, and play. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, I want to make each moment matter. I want to add meaning to the margins. Sometimes that means waking up early on a Saturday morning to wash out old jars and try my hand at being a chandelier.

It turns out I am not that bad at all! A little essential oil, some soy wax, my favorite wood wicks, a few old jars, and we are in business. I really can’t believe how simple it is to learn something new. All you need is the internet and a willingness to try new things. This year’s bucket list is all about CHOOSING THE BIGGER LIFE. Candles today, the world tomorrow. Bring it on!

candle making


Bucket List: 2020 Edition


I would like to have a moment of silence for this year’s Bucket List items that didn’t see the “unprecedented” events of 2020 coming! I envisioned a very different 2020 when I was dreaming and brainstorming the items to put on this list. We had tickets to two international trips, and a mission to make this another great year full of adventure and travel. And then….CORONA showed up.

After a couple of weeks of being glued to the news and worrying about a litany of things that were entirely out of my control, I stopped. I took a break, and then I remembered WHO it was that I serve and who is holding all things in HIS hands. Yes, the events of 2020 have been unsettling and horrific, but what if there is something precious to be gained through this shared experience? What can be learned through this experience? How can the events of 2020 still be for me and for our good? I believe that there is beauty in every experience, even the hard ones. There is certainly wisdom that we can discern from this time. I am here for it.

So, even though there are items on this bucket list that almost certainly will not be completed, I will post them anyway. I have hope for tomorrow and so should you, my friend.


Bucket List: 2020 Edition

  1. Write a letter to my 8 and 80 year old self
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Speak Spanish
  4. Go one year without soda
  5. Sew my own dress
  6. Crochet something
  7. Make my own jewelry
  8. Become debt free
  9. Make my own candles
  10. Try cryotherapy
  11. Host an Olympics Opening Ceremony party
  12. Host routine family dinners
  13. Make pasta from scratch
  14. Visit a new continent
  15. See all 50 states
  16. Attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  17. Go paintballing
  18. Make Granny’s Biscuits
  19. Try an IV drip
  20. Go to an ancient bath
  21. Learn to needle felt
  22. Run a triathalon
  23. Drive a tank
  24. Carve my initials in a tree
  25. Make Granny Layne’s cake
  26. Go to Disneyland
  27. Take a DNA test
  28. Plant hydrangeas and blueberries
  29. Try a soundbath
  30. Try Reiki
  31. Learn how to stain glass
  32. Create a memory jar
  33. Create my own spice blends
  34. Blend tea
  35. Grow microgreens
  36. Stomp grapes
  37. Swim with dolphins
  38. Become a yogi
  39. Hold monthly Mariah dates
  40. Hold 12 high school friend gatherings
  41. Go on 6 date nights
  42. Try yerba mate in Argentina
  43. Go foraging
  44. Go hiking
  45. Read 6 devotional books
  46. Have 6 craft nights with the girls
  47. Practice archery
  48. Cook indian at home 3 times
  49. Play in mud puddles with Addie
  50. Fast 6 full days
  51. Pay a stranger’s bill 3 times
  52. Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day
  53. Participate in a local missions activity 3 times
  54. Cosplay at DragonCon
  55. Picnic outside 3 times
  56. Stay up for 2 days straight
  57. Write a book
  58. Write 20 recipes in our family cookbook
  59. See 6 sunrises or sunsets
  60. Create and bury a 2020 time capsule




2019 Bucket List & Year-end Review

Dear 2019,

You did not disappoint! There were lots of HITS and several BOMBS along the way this year. While life certainly did not go 100% as I planned, we have been so blessed by God this year and I trust in his timing and his plan above my own.


Here are a few of the highlights from the year: 

  1. Waring GRADUATED with his masters degree in school counseling
  2. We traveled to 9 states today on two Western road trips
  3. I have not traveled to 49 states! Only Hawaii left to go!
  4. We traveled to Europe (Spain) for the first time with both girls
  5. We went zorbing and celebrated 10 years of marriage
  6. I lost all of that baby weight baggage and reclaimed my body post-baby–whooo hooo!
  7. We created a Harvey family crest and motto
  8. Granny Mary came home from the hospital
  9. Ella turned 1
  10. Addie lost her first two teeth
  11. Addie started Kindergarten
  12. We celebrated Addie’s 6th birthday with a trip to Disney World
  13. Waring and I visited Harry Potter World for the first time during Grad Bash
  14. Got a new tattoo!

Word of 2019: Enough

I started this year thinking that I would resolve to remember that I am enough in all facets of my life to all and in all things. What I realized this year is how untrue that really is. I actually am NOT enough. I will never be enough. This world will always demand more and more and more of us that we are simply unable to give. The world consumes, however, Christ is the only entity that can sustain us. While I will never be enough, I can be content in the fact that He is all I will ever need. While the world will never be satisfied, He satisfies me. I am NOT enough, and that is okay.

Take a look at the full 2019 Bucket List final update below: 

  1. Create a signature scent
  2. Try the Year of Enough: Not a Stitch New Challenge–Started! Final update: black wedges and a plaid shaw from my sister-in-law’s new boutique.—DONE!
  3. Celebrate 10 wacky holidays- 1. Bubble Bath Day (bath with soaking salts, bubbles, and soap confetti 2. Pooh Day (quote and pictures on Instagram) 3. Compliment Day (Play-Doh and note for office staff members) 4. Tell A Fairytale Day (told stories at bath and bedtime and documented on Instagram)—-Started out strong, but then feel off of the radar
  4. Visit 1 new state (New Mexico, Utah, North Dakota, Kansas, Montana, Idaho, Nebraska) DONE!! 6 total!
  5. Visit 1 new country (Spain — April 2019)
  6. Go zorbing—CHECK! Waring and I went Zorbing for our 10 year anniversary in Pigeon Forge, TN.
  7. Go hang gliding—NOPE.
  8. Try a cupping massage—NOPE.
  9. Try Lucia Light Therapy—NOPE.
  10. Attend an ariel arts work out class—NOPE.
  11. Take a wine 101 course—DONE, with certificate to prove it!
  12. Plan Tokyo Olympics—NOPE.
  13. Listen/read 20 books—DONE! Listened to most of them!
  14. Update will and life insurance—NOPE.
  15. Open 529 and savings account for Ella—Check for savings account!
  16. Consider doctoral programs: Currently checking out UF, FSU, USC, Liberty, GSU, Vanderbilt, Valdosta State….we shall see.
  17. Go non-toxic in the home- Thieves spray, homemade body wash, dish soap
  18. Keep fresh flowers in the house- January: 3/4 weeks February: 0/0, March: 0/0, April: 2/4, May: 2/4——-NOPE.
  19. Try a Tea 365 Challenge—NOPE.
  20. Create a Family Crest and Motto—DONE! Created it with Waring and commissioned designed off of Fiverr
  21. Create a family recipe book—purchased book!—-STARTED and underway!
  22. Read to Addie (3 children’s novels)- January: Matilda (didn’t finish), Harry Potter (in progress)
  23. Go to Harry Potter World (Gradbash April 2019)
  24. Set and maintain family and self-care goals- January: Intermittent Fasting (better in the mornings than at night), bought the dry brush and the whitening strips), November (still working on those morning routines, heating pad for the bed, hygge candle evening routine, morning gratitude practice), I want to continue to work on this next year.
  25. Take a tea sommelier course—-NOPE.
  26. Go to a stargazing event- January: Saw the Blood World Moon
  27. Train for the 1/2 and marathon—-UGH 2020.
  28. Try 10 new foods in the 1,000 Food to Eat Before You Die book (Caviar)—-NOPE.
  29. Sleep in a tree house—-NOPE.
  30. Decorate for minor holidays/collect books to read for minor holidays/store them in attic- January: Valentine’s Garland and new Valentine’s Book February/March: Easter Banner and Unicorn Stuffed Animal Decoration—Continue to work on this for next year.—Started, but I am excited to continue this into the new year.
  31. Take the 52 List Challenge (7 Lists currently). NOPE.
  32. Redecorate the master bedroom– IN PROGRESS….painted night stands, downsized bookcase, new lamps and lampshades for night stands. 
  33. Get a new tattoo—DONE!
  34. Create a porch oasis—Check, complete with string lights, cushy seating, picnic table, rug, and simple decorations. Waring wants to add an outdoor TV, but otherwise it is a great outdoor space that I am so thankful for!
  35. Display and curate a tea cup collection—-DONE!
  36. Celebrate the 12 Monthaversaries within during our 10th year of marriage—DONE! Could have done better with each minor-monthaversary.
  37. Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding

Fall Bucket List Status Report

Fall has been so much fun. The cozy and familiar traditions add meaning and a richness to the season that I absolutely love.

***We were able to accomplish the majority of our Fall activities, and we even threw in a few extra as bonus. I was able to get a new tattoo, start Addie in gymnastics, and 2 visits from the tooth fairy!

  1. Paint/Carve Pumpkins–DONE!
  2. Blue Ridge Trip—DONE!
  3. Pick Apples—DONE!
  4. Trick or Treat—-DONE!
  5. Create Bucket List Prints—DONE!
  6. Decorate for Fall—-DONE!
  7. Fall Crafts—–DONE!
  8. Fair/Fall Festival—-DONE! (Blue Ridge Heritage Festival)
  9. Celebrate Addie’s Birthday—-DONE!
  10. Campout—-DONE!
  11. Sky Lanterns—(not yet)
  12. Eat Two New Foods—-(not yet)
  13. Go Stargazing—-(not yet)
  14. Go to Disney World—DONE!
  15. Host 4th Annual Friendsgiving–We didn’t host, but we did attend!
  16. Make Chili—DONE!
  17. Go to a Corn Maze—(not yet)
  18. Make a Halloween Book—DONE!
  19. Make S’mores—-DONE!
  20. Make Homemade Playdoh—-DONE!
  21. Get a New Tattoo—-DONE!
  22. Make New Photo Canvas—-DONE!
  23. Sign-up For a Half Marathon—(not yet)
  24. Bake Fall Cookies—-DONE (but they were from a box)
  25. Create a Fall Playlist—–partially DONE
  26. Make Candy Apples—-(not this year)
  27. Find a New Scarf—(not yet)
  28. Make Fall Candles—-(not yet)
  29. Go to the Fair—–(no, Addie was sick the whole week)
  30. Go See a Drive-in Movie—(nope)
  31. Go to a Girls-only Halloween Party—-(maybe next year)
  32. Go on  Leaf Hunt—-DONE!
  33. Thanksgiving Tablecloth—-(maybe next year)


Fall BL: 2 Blue Ridge Weekend Adventures

It’s not every weekend that you get to mark of four seasonal bucket list items, but we were lucky and busy! Look at the list below of what we were able to check off!

Fall Bucket List Update:

  1. Blue Ridge Trip
  2. Pick Apples
  3. Fair/Fall Festival
  4. Go on Leaf Hunt

This Fall season we have been able to squeeze two Blue Ridge Trips one month apart! The first trip we spent time with grand and great-grant parents picking apples at Mercier’s and attending the Blairsville Heritage Days festival during Labor Day Weekend. Those September Wonder apples are a family favorite.


This past weekend, we took the girls up by ourselves for Fall Break. We were to the Blue Ridge Arts in the Park Festival, Ellijay’s Apple Jubilee, toured Cartecay and Serenberry Vineyards, played at the playground, went on a leaf hunt at Amicalola Falls, ate (twice) at a pizza buffet,  made a fire, and even saw a water fall.

Our girls are earlier risers, and we love getting up with the sun to get out and about. The evenings are slow and full of cuddles, movies, and treats in the camper. These trips embody the essence of Fall to me. I am thankful for our time away, and our productive bucket-list-checking weekend!



Fall 2019 Bucket List

Another season another bucket list! I love that the Fall Bucket List is fairly the same from year to year, which brings a sense of comfort. After Summers full of adventure, it feels nice to settle into a some local fun (and of course sprinkle in a trip or two in between as well).


  1. Paint/Carve Pumpkins
  2. Blue Ridge Trip
  3. Pick Apples
  4. Trick or Treat
  5. Create Bucket List Prints
  6. Decorate for Fall
  7. Fall Crafts
  8. Fair/Fall Festival
  9. Celebrate Addie’s Birthday
  10. Campout
  11. Sky Lanterns
  12. Eat Two New Foods
  13. Go Stargazing
  14. Go to Disney World
  15. Host 4th Annual Friendsgiving
  16. Make Chili
  17. Go to a Corn Maze
  18. Make a Halloween Book
  19. Make S’mores
  20. Make Homemade Playdoh
  21. Get a New Tattoo
  22. Make New Photo Canvas
  23. Sign-up For a Half Marathon
  24. Bake Fall Cookies
  25. Create a Fall Playlist
  26. Make Candy Apples
  27. Find a New Scarf
  28. Make Fall Candles
  29. Go to the Fair
  30. Go See a Drive-in Movie
  31. Go to a Girls-only Halloween Party
  32. Go on  Leaf Hunt
  33. Thanksgiving Tablecloth

2019 Summer Bucket List Update

Status Update: Summer Bucket List


  1. Pick Tomatoes and have sandwiches—hand sandwiches but we did NOT pick them ourselves!
  2. Pick Blueberries—YES!
  3. Make three foods from Disney Princess Cook Book—ONE done!
  4. Character Rocks–YES!
  5. Ella’s Birthday and 1 Year Pictures— YES!
  6. Year 10 Photobook—Not yet. 😦
  7. Plan Fall Travel— Fall Break in Blue Ridge but nothing else yet on the horizon…
  8. Celebrate 10 Years of Marriage–YES!
  9. Paint Pottery—YES!
  10. Backyard campout— We camped out in Blue Ridge
  11. Pool Party— YES!
  12. Go to the movies— YES!
  13. Spanish Night at Home—- NOPE.
  14. Go to tea— YES, TEA at home at in Blue Ridge
  15. Make homemade pizza—YES!
  16. School clothes shopping— YES, although all online.
  17. Launch a sky lantern— NOPE.
  18. Go to Blue Ridge— YES!
  19. Go Zorbing— YES!
  20. Take an ariel arts class— NOT YET.
  21. Celebrate Granny Faye’s 80th birthday— YES!
  22. Go to the water park— YES!
  23. Have a game night— YES!
  24. Bucket List Prints—- NOPE.
  25. Create a back porch oasis—- YES!
  26. Create a family recipe book— NOT YET!
  27. Update will and create a savings account for Ella— NOT YET!
  28. Wine 101 course— NOT YET!
  29. Display Tea Cups— YES!
  30. Cupping massage— NOT YET!
  31. Library Kickoff and Summer reading challenge— YES!
  32. Date Night— YES!
  33. Make snow cones— YES!
  34. Back to school dinner— YES!