2014 Year in Review

It is hard to believe that in a few short days we will be saying farewell to another year. 2014 has been full of many full of many firsts and exciting moments, and it has certainly been our busiest year to date! When I look back upon the past twelve months I am overwhelmed by the grace, mercy, love, and providence of God. He has overseen the sell of our first home, the safe travels of many friends both domestic and abroad, kept Addie safe, healthy, and strong, allowed hubby and I to function with very little sleep, helped us to persevere through bible college and graduate school simultaneously, given us the opportunity to get plugged in with our church through small group and children’s service, and managed to shower us with mercy and grace when we fail him on a daily basis in our walk. I am so thankful to Christ for 2014, and I am hopeful for the coming year.

My worth will NEVER be measured by the length of my Bucket List, but I find it strangely comforting to cross each new adventure off the list! It is all about the JOURNEY anyway!

2014 Bucket List

1. Read at least 20 books (with at least 5 devotional books, 3 finance books, and 5 parenting books)….(OKay, so aside from school research, and children’s books I didn’t really get very far on this one. I will try to redeem myself next year when I am not in full graduate school mode!)

2. Visit 35 States (Made it to 32 currently. This year I added Oregon and Alabama. Oregon was absolutely amazing and Alabama…well…no comment.)

3. SCUBA in a new location (I still can’t believe we didn’t make this one happen this year! We did get around to having the gear serviced but that was about it!)

4. Create a Will (YIKES! This didn’t happen yet because it didn’t seem to make sense to do it before we built  the house. This one will be moved to the 2015 list for sure!)

5. Set up a 529 Savings and General Savings Account for Addie (because college is right around the corner…)

6. Plant bougainvillea and hydrangea (Moving this to next year . Currently we do not have a house to plant anything on/around/or near!)

7. Parasail (This would be a big nope…)

8. Try Acupuncture (I really actually enjoyed this one! I wish that it wasn’t so dang expensive)

9. Take a Cooking Class (next year? anyone want to come?)

10. Read my Bible Everyday (I try to, but I would like to become much more intentional in my study habits.)

11. Stick to a budget all year (last year we made it from about June until the end of November…)

12. Create a Mother-Daughter Bucket List (Yes…I do make lists for my lists!)

13. Run a 10K (Empower Run Irmo, SC)

14. Run a 1/2 Marathon (Rock N Roll in November) HECK YEAH! I am so proud of this one right here because it took so much work upfront! Can’t wait until next year!

15. Start sewing (Next year?)

16. Start a Thanksgiving Table Cloth–CHECK!

table cloth table cloth2

17. Shoot a gun (really I am terrified of this, but I feel like I should try it at least once)—CHECK 1/25

18. Learn more constellations

19. Start juicing and eating less processed foods (Started off the year so well…hm…).

20. Make Baby Addie baby food (This was actually another big area of successful for us I think. Up until Addie started eating more textured solid food I made everything for her from scratch.)

21. Cut out soda (I really yoyoed on this about all year long. Really need to try again next year!).

22. Make it to post-baby goal weight (I have lost the weight from pregnancy, but I still would like to get down to my happy college weight! 🙂 (The baby weight came and went, but never made it to that elusive college happy weight. It stayed about 5 lbs away)

23. Light a sky lantern (got them just in time for NYE).



Christmas Bucket List

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. What is on your CHRISTMAS LIST?


Check out our Christmas Bucket List To-Dos:

1. Make Christmas Cookies/Holiday Baking

2. Make Christmas Ornaments

3. See Christmas Lights

4. Christmas Pictures

5. Get a new Christmas Book

6. Get new Christmas PJs

7. Share with a family in need

8. Watch Christmas Vacation

9. Set up a Christmas Tree

10. Make an Advent Calendar

11. Make homemade Marshmallows

12. Drink Apple Cider


940 Saturdays

I saw a book this past week entitled 940 Saturdays. Apparently that is the number of weekends that will pass between your child’s birth and their 18th birthday. Wow, just 940. Undoubtedly some of these weekends will be spent on vacation or having birthday parties and celebrations, but most of these weekends will probably pass by without thought or reflection on their importance and scarcity. This little book was another wake up calls for me that Team Too Busy (that is our nickname now, as you know…) needs to STOP. REFLECT. ENJOY. and FIGHT FOR OUR TIME AS A FAMILY. There are so many distractions today from smartphones and apps to grad school and grown up responsibilities, but I want to fight for each of our 940 Saturdays together. Whether our time is spent in Monterey, CA catching a killer wave or catnapping on the couch in small town Georgia, I WANT OUR TIME TO MATTER!


With these 940 days in mind, this is how we spent our Saturday this past weekend:

We woke up early (as usual) and set up Addie’s new play kitchen. This is actually her Christmas present from Mimi and Papa, but they couldn’t wait for her to try it out. Next, we made our way to Christine and Jared’s Gender Reveal Party. Surprise! They are having a BOY! Finally, we made our way back home to spend some family time with Waring’s cousin’s family and the grandparents. Addie felt pretty lousy still from getting her flu shot yesterday, but we still managed okay. We made Christmas salt dough ornaments, handprint bulb ornaments, finger painted crosses, and watched the Elf on the Shelf movie, and topped it all off with hotdogs and S’MORES!

Every moment matters!

Best Thanksgiving Ever!

I am a little late….but in case you were wondering, this year was the best Thanksgiving EVER!


At her Granny's (Great Grandma Mary) she wanted to walk everywhere like a big kid. This was the last weekend that she needed our hand to walk...
At her Granny’s (Great Grandma Mary) she wanted to walk everywhere like a big kid. This was the last weekend that she needed our hand to walk…
She is trying to bring Gigi some Double or Nothing luck!
She is trying to bring Gigi some Double or Nothing luck!
Playing double or nothing...a family tradition.
Playing double or nothing…a family tradition.
Addie loves when Daddy throws her in the air...but not too far!
Addie loves when Daddy throws her in the air…but not too far!

This Fall has certainly been crazy for Team Too Busy (that is our family’s new nickname…and it is certainly fitting!) It was great to be able to spend a few days with family resting and reflecting upon the past year.

Blessings in which we are thankful to God for:

-The health of our family

-A growing little munchkin affectionately referred to as “Baby Addie”

-The sell of our first home

-Plans for the building of our dream home right next door to family

-Waring’s graduation from Luther Rice Seminary and Bible College this December!

-Friendships that can withstand moving across the country, to other continents, and training for a half-marathon

-The ability to cross many new things off the Ole Bucket List

-The gift of grace, mercy, and salvation through Christ

This Thanksgiving was EXTRA SPECIAL because I got the opportunity to mark off TWO Bucket List Items:

1. The start of a new tradition: Thanksgiving Table Cloth! (Each year I will get all of our family to sign their names and a little message. I will hand stich embroidery over the names. Each year the names will be stitched in a different color to denote a different year. Pretty soon we will have a FULL table cloth representing how FULL our lives are as we surround ourselves with family and friends each holiday season.

This is an example of what it will look like in a few years!
This is an example of what it will look like in a few years!

2. The next occurred after Thanksgiving, and is something that I have always wanted to do: Trapeze Lessons! Thanks to my sister, AJ, who is always up for my crazy schemes and outrageous ideas, we drove to Orlando, climbed a 30ft ladder, and took the leap! We had a blast…and I think AJ may change her major to Trapeze/Circus Performing Arts.

Watching my crazy Aunt and Mama!
Watching my crazy Aunt and Mama!
Before...we are nervous!
Before…we are nervous!
Trapeze Artists...
Trapeze Artists…
So. Much. Fun! There isn't anything like accomplishing something you didn't think you were capable of doing!
So. Much. Fun! There isn’t anything like accomplishing something you didn’t think you were capable of doing!


***Also, Waring got to do something he had always wanted to do…go to the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona, FL. Going to this car show has always been something he has wanted to do, but something has always come up. This year we were able to take a family mini-vacay! Addie got to play on the Beach, we shopped with Mama, AJ and I swung from a trapeze bar, and Dad and Waring got to drool over thousands of classic cars and outrageous hotrods. I can’t wait until next year. It was a blast!

Addie LOVED The Beach!
Addie LOVED The Beach!
Watching the Wiggles with G-PA!
Watching the Wiggles with G-PA!
Bathtime with Addie is never a dull moment!
Bathtime with Addie is never a dull moment!
Look Ma...NO HANDS!
Aunt AJ...I want to walk faster!
Aunt AJ…I want to walk faster!