Saturday With Addie: New Rides and New Kicks

Confession: This weekend was a lot of fun. Too much fun probably… You see, I only have a few more months left to go until I earn my Ed.S degree (ekkk!) from Georgia Southern and I should have been working on my action research thesis. I should have been getting ahead of some Gifted certification course work, grading papers, and myriad of other school related tasks. I will get it done eventually, but it didn’t happen this weekend.

Reality: Here is what did go on this weekend…

1. Friday Waring and I ran the Shamrock Run. I will admit I didn’t want to run. It was cold. Our running buddies were sick. Did I mention it was sick. I would have muuuuuch rather curled up on the couch, ate a greasy burger, and watch another Hallmark movie. But….when it was all said and done I am glad that we finished strong. Waring and I are passionate about the March of Dimes because of all that they have done for Baby Addie. You see, when Addie was first born she had respiratory distress. She needed a special drug that was developed through the funding and support of this wonderful charity. This wonderful weekend with Addie was made possible because of the heroic efforts of the March of Dimes, and for that reason we ran and will keep running for years to come.

addiemarch5 addiemarch6

2. Saturday morning HUBBY got to ride a Lamborghini, and subsequently marked a HUGE item off of his own bucket list! (Thanks Mom and Dad for this thrilling Christmas gift!)

addiemarch3 addiemarch2

3. Addie got some new kicks. See the evidence below… AND she showed them off at my cousin Grace’s Sweet 16 Party. She was a showstopper!!

addie addiemarch addiemarch1


Now, doesn’t this weekend sound MUCH better than being holed up in a room with a laptop and a bunch of articles and data?!? Let me answer that for you. YES, yes it does. I WILL get the work done, and I WILL probably have to be up late (very late) in the near future to get everything finished. This weekend was worth it!


Flu: 2 vs Harvey’s: 0

This week shall henceforth be referred to as Flu-mageddon in the Harvey household. I started feeling not too great last weekend and had the flu blown flu by Monday, which landed me out of school and out of commission until Thursday. How is it that I have made it this far in life and have never had the flu before? I don’t know….but I NEVER want it again.

To make matters worse, we were so worried that I may give it to Addie that my mom kept her from Monday until Thursday afternoon. Before this flu-event Addie had never spent the night away from home. She, of course, was well taken care of at Gigi and G-pa’s but we missed her like crazy….

The day I picked her up she had been running a fever, and by the next morning the doctor had confirmed our fears….. Addie had the flu. Today she has been in remarkably good spirits considering her nose is a continual snot fountain and her little croupy cough could rival a grown man’s. She has been playing around the house and making the most of her Saturday quarantined inside. I am praying for a good night’s rest and a speedy recovery all around.

The flu may have us down, but we are not overcome! I am thankful to have such a strong support system of family , friends, and colleagues eager to step into the gap when needed. God truly has taken great care of us this week.