Fall Bucket List Buster: Weekend Adventures in Blue Ridge

I know. I know.¬†Technically¬†we are not quite into the “Fall season,” but I am not going to semantics and silly dates get in the way of an opportunity to check off some pretty awesome bucket list adventures off of our list! Due to inclement weather school closures and an already scheduled 3 day weekend Waring, Addie, and I took the liberty to invite ourselves (sorry, not sorry) on a camping trip with my parents to Blue Ridge, GA.

We stayed in my grandparent’s camper on some family/friend property near Blairsville that has been outfitted for camping (complete with full hook-up and bath house!!). The pictures below pretty much speak for themselves. We had a blast!

Here are just a few bucket list items that have been checked off:


-Apple Picking (September Wonder apples are the best….but we all prefer the Apple Cider Donuts!)


-Go to a Fall Festival (Blairsville Heritage Days Festival)

-Go to the Mountains (this was Addie’s first trip. Her first comment was “Mountains aren’t purple?—> The girl reads too many books!!

-Making a fire (okay, so technically someone else made it…but we enjoyed it!)


Now that we have a head start on Fall, we may be able to check off some bucket list items two and three times this season! Happy Fall Y’all!


Visiting Mother Cabbage
fall 8
Note to self: remember this always.


Glad we DIDN’T do this…


Addie loves searching for “treasures” AKA rocks!


Being a farmer is hard work!
Searching for gold!


Candle making at the Blairsville Heritage Days Festival.
Searching for purple mountains!
Looking at those mountains again…
Waring working at the campsite.
Camp Hughes-Saxon

Labor Day Weekend Camping

We made it back from our Camping Adventure Weekend in one piece. The camper has been unpacked, clothes are in the washer, the house has spruced up, and the bathrooms have been cleaned. As the workday looms near, the only remnants left of this weekend are the pictures and memories that we have made. This weekend reminded me that sometimes a little bit of nature can go a long way to ease the stress of every day life. I know a lot of people travel in order to escape something in their life, or to hide from a problem that just won’t go away, but for me travel is more about connecting with the ones that I love and seeing new sights and new perspectives. I hope the thrill of the unknown and adventure always excite me just as much as it does today!

Trey and Kristen on the paddle boards!
Trey and Kristen on the paddle boards!
27 Weeks and Counting!
27 Weeks and Counting!
being silly....
being silly….

2013-08-30 02.21.24

The trail was nice, but the bugs almost carried us away!
The trail was nice, but the bugs almost carried us away!
Acorns=Fall is on the way (even though you couldn't tell from the 85* temp!)
Acorns=Fall is on the way (even though you couldn’t tell from the 85* temp!)

2013-08-30 21.05.03

They call these little guys "sparkle berries!)
They call these little guys “sparkle berries!)

2013-08-29 22.19.17

Stand Up Paddle Board Fun!
Stand Up Paddle Board Fun!

2013-08-30 01.39.42 2013-08-30 02.12.49 2013-08-30 02.15.28 2013-08-30 02.16.07

School and another busy week will start all over again tomorrow, so it is time for a little cat nap and snuggle time with Miss Lily!

Happy Labor Day!