Orlando: Our Week Away

Every year since we have been married, Waring and I have been blessed with the resources, time, and health to travel. He often jokes that I will pinch every penny out of the other areas within our budget in order to make sure that we can make our travel plans a reality. What can I say, I have serious wanderlust. I like to collect memories more than things (although my friends would attest that I am certainly not a minimalist either).

We normally take our major trip over the Summer, and I am normally obsessing about it months ahead of time. I am a firm believer that planning for the trip is almost as fun as the travel itself! However, this year we decided to take an awesome trip through New England and up to Montreal during Spring Break. While this was our”big” trip for the year, Waring was able to get another week off in June, and I just couldn’t justify sitting around the house when there is so much FUN to be had out there on the road (my Dad told me this past week that if I suddenly woke up and didn’t want to go and explore anymore that he would know something was seriously wrong!) So, thanks to credit card reward points for the lodging, previous purchased annual passes to Disney (more on this later…), and groceries bought for the trip out of our monthly allotted budget we were able to spend an incredibly cheap week in Orlando (because we took our lunch into the park with us each day and steered clear of the gift shops we were able to spend $15 or less in Disney World each day!)

So much has happened in Orlando over the past couple of weeks, but our time in the city was full of pixie dust and magic. I pray that we all will continue to have the ability to safety travel and make memories just as we did this past week. Please check out some of our latest adventures!

Daddy- Daughter Hot Air Balloon Ride

Henna at Disney’s EPCOT = Bucket List Item Completed.

Only in Orlando can you get sushi and a burger!
Don’t let this little girl fool you…she can flex her muscles.

Addie’s new favorite ride is “Water Mountain” AKA Splash Mountain!
Addie loved the pool!