2020 Summer Bucket List

2020 Harvey 

Summer Bucket List

▢ Pick tomatoes & make BLTs

▢ Go camping

▢ Pick blueberries

▢ Pick blackberries

▢ Make homemade jam

▢ Make homemade ice cream

▢ Find & paint character rocks

▢ Watch ALL of the Starwars movies-IIIII (almost there!)

▢ Create Addie’s own Summer Bucket List

▢ Take a perfume class & make custom blend

▢ Go fishing

▢ Celebrate Ella’s 2nd birthday

▢ Make three foods from a kids cookbook

▢ Add 5 recipes to the family cookbook (2 out of 5)

▢ Create Year 10 & 11 photobooks

▢ Celebrate 11 Years of Marriage

▢ Paint Pottery

▢ Host a backyard pool party

▢ At home legit movie night

▢ Celebrate Trish’s 40th birthday                                                                     

▢ Go to Blue Ridge

▢ Host a Spanish-themed dinner

▢ Cook Indian food

▢ Go to a tea party

▢ Make homemade pizza

▢ Back to school family night

▢ Game night

▢ Launch a sky lantern

▢ Make homemade snow cones

▢ Go on 2 date nights- II

▢ Read 3 chapter books together with Addie (1)

▢ Sew a dress

▢ Go foraging in the woods

▢ Go hiking

▢ Participate in a local missions activity

▢ Throw a teddy bear’s picnic

▢ Go to the farmer’s market

▢ Watch a sunset/sunrise

▢ Throw a spa night

▢ Craft night!

▢ Feed the ducks at the lake (fed the fish instead)

▢ Start a mother-daughter journal (This is one of the sweetest things we did this summer)

▢Pay it forward- I (When I go to McDonald’s I try to remember to pay for the person behind me too)

▢ Drive-in movie (Saw Trolls World Tour)

▢ Fondue night

▢ Paintball

▢ Make a blanket fort



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