Chasing the Last Days of Summer

Wow! School. Starts. Next. Week. (Well, at least pre-planning, which everyone knows is the calm before the storm!)


Yesterday was fabulous. It was one of those days that isn’t incredibly eventful, but that is how you planned it to be. I made Waring breakfast ( a luxury he gets when I am off during the Summer and not hating mornings because I know I can always take a nap in the middle of the day) and cuddled Miss Lily until almost 10am. After we finally decided to roll out of bed for the day, I left to run some errands for the day.

I picked up our new crib from Walmart, which made this whole pregnancy thing feel a whole lot more legit, and picked up some paint for Waring to paint Addie’s nursery bookcase. Then I decided to do something really fun, I WENT TO THE LIBRARY! I used to go every Summer growing up with my grandmothers and it was so much fun, but I haven’t been in years. I went in, registered for a new card, and started browsing! It was so great. Library….I have missed you! I won’t leave you for so long again!


While signing up for my library card, the lady at the front desk asked for my ID. She was quiet for a few minutes, and then said, “Your name is very familiar. We have someone on our church prayer list with the same name.” I immediately thought to myself, well….I am not sick, so I replied that I must have a common name. Then she responded by sharing that the lady was not sick, but rather she was pregnant. At that point I had to ask her where she went to church. It turns out she attends the same church as my aunt and grandmother in the small town in which I grew up! I couldn’t believe it, this complete stranger had been praying for ME! Wow. I was so humbled, and slightly amused by the whole situation! Just because I am not sick doesn’t mean that I don’t need prayer. As a matter of fact, if you are reading this now please feel free to add me to YOUR church or personal prayer list. It felt amazing to know that I have a family of believers praying for Addie and I. I a was so shocked by that encounter…but I am sure that God was laughing!


The rest of the day flew by pretty uneventfully. I went to a thrift store and picked up a few maternity items. (It seems pretty pointless to pay full price for maternity clothes that hopefully won’t be worn too long after recovering from the baby). I went for a swim and read one of my library finds, and cooked dinner for Hubby and I. We (he mostly) set up the crib and put on the wall decal above her bed. Around 10pm we called it a night. It was a great day, and one of the best last days of Summer!


A List of What I Did Accomplish This Summer:

-Got the honor of being a bridesmaid in the BIG DAY of two of my dearest friends.

-Went to the mall and hung out with my sister (which doesn’t happen as often as it should.)

-Spent time with my Uncle Lee before he went to be with the Lord.

-Visited two new states (Washington and Alaska) and went on a BEAUTIFUL cruise through Alaska’s Middle Passage

-Ate from a food truck in Seattle!

-Had a spend the night party with two of my best friends (Tori and Mariah)! We ate Chinese food and watched cheesy movies. It was the best!

-Watched my husband use our Paddle Boards for the first time (I can’t play with them yet…boo…)

-Went to Myrtle Beach for Trish’s Bachelorette Weekend and had some fun in the sun!

-Visited two new places in the 1,000 Places to See book from South Carolina with my friend Jennifer

-Cuddled and hugged my puppy (Miss Lily) everyday!

-Threw a successful Gender Reveal Party

-Registered for baby stuff and started on our nursery

-Spring cleaned the ENTIRE house (and donated over $1,000 worth of my “junk” to charity!)

-Made Jam and canned picked

-Read three books (Honestly, I am not very proud of this one. I should have been reading much more!)

-Created a meal plan once a week AND stuck to it!

-Updated our monthly budget AND cash system (and we are currently sticking to it!)

-Only put on make when vitally necessary.

-Slept in!

-Worked out!

-Had quiet time devotionals (love me some Beth Moore)

-Got life insurance

-Created lesson plans for school up through January!

-Made our annual digital scrapbook and updated my smashbook

-Set up my classroom BEFORE pre-planning!



I can’t believe I am heading into my fourth year as a teacher and about to take maternity leave in just a few short months. When I think about agonizing  over my major in college graduating early, I am so glad that God already knew my plans. He had it all figured out….and he was probably laughing at me for being so dramatic about the whole thing! I am so blessed to have a job that I absolutely love and a passion for what I wake up and get to do each day (note that I did not say I had a passion for waking up….I don’t feel 100% human on most days until about 10am).

Pray for my students, the new family addition, hubby, and I this year. We will always need prayer, and we will be busy! l