This Year’s Bucket List

Another year, another bucket list…. 38 items in total. I must be feeling ambitious!


  1. Create a signature scent
  2. Try the Year of Enough: Not a Stitch New Challenge–Started! January update: Nothing, except the planned exception of black flats. 
  3. Celebrate 10 wacky holidays- 1. Bubble Bath Day (bath with soaking salts, bubbles, and soap confetti 2. Pooh Day (quote and pictures on Instagram) 3. Compliment Day (Play-Doh and note for office staff members) 4. Tell A Fairytale Day (told stories at bath and bedtime and documented on Instagram)
  4. Visit 1 new state (New Mexico- February 2019)
  5. Visit 1 new country (Spain — April 2019)
  6. Go zorbing
  7. Go hang gliding
  8. Try a cupping massage
  9. Try Lucia Light Therapy
  10. Attend an ariel arts work out class
  11. Take a wine 101 course
  12. Plan Tokyo Olympics
  13. Listen/read 20 books
  14. Update will and life insurance
  15. Open 529 and savings account for Ella
  16. Consider doctoral programs: Currently checking out UF, FSU, USC, Liberty, GSU, Vanderbilt, Valdosta State….we shall see.
  17. Go non-toxic in the home- Thieves spray, homemade body wash, dish soap
  18. Keep fresh flowers in the house- January: 3/4 weeks February: 0/0, March: 0/0, April: 2/4, May: 2/4
  19. Try a Tea 365 Challenge- January: 8/31 days
  20. Create a Family Crest and Motto—DONE! Created it with Waring and commissioned designed off of Fiverr
  21. Create a family recipe book
  22. Read to Addie (3 children’s novels)- January: Matilda in progress
  23. Go to Harry Potter World (Gradbash April 2019)
  24. Set and maintain family and self-care goals- January: Intermittent Fasting (better in the mornings than at night), bought the dry brush and the whitening strips. 
  25. Take a tea sommelier course
  26. Go to a stargazing event- January: Saw the Blood World Moon
  27. Train for the 1/2 and marathon
  28. Try 10 new foods in the 1,000 Food to Eat Before You Die book (Caviar,
  29. Sleep in a tree house
  30. Decorate for minor holidays/collect books to read for minor holidays/store them in attic- January: Valentine’s Garland and new Valentine’s Book February/March: Easter Banner and Unicorn Stuffed Animal Decoration 
  31. Take the 52 List Challenge (7 Lists currently)
  32. Redecorate the master bedroom
  33. Get a new tattoo
  34. Create a porch oasis
  35. Display and curate a tea cup collection
  36. Celebrate the 12 Monthaversaries within during our 10th year of marriage- January: Well, I told Waring, “happy monthaversary…” 
  37. Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding

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