This Year’s Bucket List

Another year, another bucket list…. 38 items in total. I must be feeling ambitious!


  1. Create a signature scent
  2. Try the Year of Enough: Not a Stitch New Challenge–Started! January update: Nothing, except the planned exception of black flats. November update: black wedges and a plaid shaw from my sister-in-law’s new boutique.
  3. Celebrate 10 wacky holidays- 1. Bubble Bath Day (bath with soaking salts, bubbles, and soap confetti 2. Pooh Day (quote and pictures on Instagram) 3. Compliment Day (Play-Doh and note for office staff members) 4. Tell A Fairytale Day (told stories at bath and bedtime and documented on Instagram)
  4. Visit 1 new state (New Mexico- February 2019)
  5. Visit 1 new country (Spain — April 2019)
  6. Go zorbing—CHECK! Waring and I went Zorbing for our 10 year anniversary in Pigeon Forge, TN. 
  7. Go hang gliding
  8. Try a cupping massage
  9. Try Lucia Light Therapy
  10. Attend an ariel arts work out class
  11. Take a wine 101 course—DONE, with certificate to prove it!
  12. Plan Tokyo Olympics
  13. Listen/read 20 books—DONE! Listened to most of them!
  14. Update will and life insurance
  15. Open 529 and savings account for Ella—Check for savings account!
  16. Consider doctoral programs: Currently checking out UF, FSU, USC, Liberty, GSU, Vanderbilt, Valdosta State….we shall see.
  17. Go non-toxic in the home- Thieves spray, homemade body wash, dish soap
  18. Keep fresh flowers in the house- January: 3/4 weeks February: 0/0, March: 0/0, April: 2/4, May: 2/4
  19. Try a Tea 365 Challenge- January: 8/31 days
  20. Create a Family Crest and Motto—DONE! Created it with Waring and commissioned designed off of Fiverr
  21. Create a family recipe book—purchased book!
  22. Read to Addie (3 children’s novels)- January: Matilda in progress, Harry Potter in progress, 
  23. Go to Harry Potter World (Gradbash April 2019)
  24. Set and maintain family and self-care goals- January: Intermittent Fasting (better in the mornings than at night), bought the dry brush and the whitening strips), November (still working on those morning routines, heating pad for the bed, hugge candle evening routine, morning gratitude practice), I want to continue to work on this next year.
  25. Take a tea sommelier course—-NOPE.
  26. Go to a stargazing event- January: Saw the Blood World Moon
  27. Train for the 1/2 and marathon—-UGH 2020.
  28. Try 10 new foods in the 1,000 Food to Eat Before You Die book (Caviar,
  29. Sleep in a tree house
  30. Decorate for minor holidays/collect books to read for minor holidays/store them in attic- January: Valentine’s Garland and new Valentine’s Book February/March: Easter Banner and Unicorn Stuffed Animal Decoration—Continue to work on this for next year.
  31. Take the 52 List Challenge (7 Lists currently)
  32. Redecorate the master bedroom– IN PROGRESS….painted night stands, downsized bookcase, new lamps and lampshades for night stands. 
  33. Get a new tattoo
  34. Create a porch oasisCheck, complete with string lights, cushy seating, picnic table, rug, and simple decorations. Waring wants to add an outdoor TV, but otherwise it is a great outdoor space that I am so thankful for!
  35. Display and curate a tea cup collection—-DONE!
  36. Celebrate the 12 Monthaversaries within during our 10th year of marriage- January: Well, I told Waring, “happy monthaversary…” 
  37. Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding

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