Fall Bucket List 2017

Can you believe it is already Fall? No matter how much fun the Summer has been, I am always ready for all things Fall to arrive. I love the traditions, the festivals, the food, and of course….comfty clothing options! Our Fall Bucket List doesn’t change too much from year to year (with a few exceptions), but that is what I love about it! Check out our list below as well as some of our recent accomplishments.


Fall 2017 Bucket List:

  1. Paint Fall Pottery—-CHECK!!!
  2. Celebrate Addie’s 4th Birthday
  3. Paint Pumpkins—- CHECK!!!!
  4. Attend Disney’s Food and Wine Festival—CHECK!!! Guys, Chef Mickey out did himself this year. We had shrimp scampi, belgium waffles, filet mignon, paella, steak tacos. YUM!
  5. Attend a Cooking Class—CHECK!!!! (Pictures in a previous post)
  6. Make Homemade Pizza
  7. Visit Niagara Falls—-CHECK!!! This was an epic long weekend adventure (see previous post).
  8. Go Trick or Treating
  9. Decorate for Fall—-CHECK!!! I buy one new decoration each year. This year’s choice was a super-cute tin banner that says “Harvest” to be hung on the mantle.
  10. Create a Thanksgiving Tree
  11. Finish the Thanksgiving Tablecloth—Ugh, so much work to be done on this one…
  12. Go to a Drive-in Movie
  13. Go to A Harvest Festival—-CHECK!!! Lewiston, NY
  14. Take Family Pictures—-CHECK!!! (except the photographer’s laptop was ruined and the pictures were lost. No worries, we are retaking them in two weeks.
  15. Go to the Fair—CHECK!!!



A Few Saturdays With Addie (and Crew)

I am not trying to brag here, but the last couple of weekends have been pretty amazing. A girl could really get used to this. School is out. Summer is in, and a whole lot of fun is about to be unleashed in the Harvey Household! We have some catching up to do!

A few weekends ago, Addie and I had visitors of the best sort! My most best-bests came into town for a Mini Friend-cation. We spent literally five minutes at the beach, ate some fresh local grub, and headed home for a night of tie-dye, take-out, and Disney movie marathons. Yes, this weekend was quite perfect, especially because of who we shared it with. No matter the distance or time between visits, spending time with these gals is always my favorite.

The follow weekend was equally fun-filled. We went to….Disney’s Animal Kingdom with my mother and grandmother. I can’t think of much more special than getting to take a four generation picture at the base of the Tree of Life. There were rides to be ridden, faces to paint, characters to dine with, showed to see, and of course food to be eaten. We all took naps and then ended the night at Magic Kingdom. Addie had a blast, and so did we!

This past weekend we hosted a five-family yard sale. To be fair, it was five different households, but we were all in the same extended family! Although I was happy to get a few items gone, I can’t say that we made a ton of cash. We did have a lot of fun. We ate Little Debbies, drank Coke, and sat in the shade talking (gossiping), laughing, and relaxing with each other. When it was all over we packed up the remaining items and sent them off to GoodWill and a local ladies’ charity organization. It feels nice to have a little extra cash for Disney World, a donation tax deduction, a good deed done for charity, and a little less clutter in the home.

So, as you can see….this Summer is stacking up pretty nicely. I am soaking up each moment of this precious time. Bring on the next weekend!