2020 Bucket List Year-End Review

Wow. Just wow. Does anyone really have words to describe the year that was 2020?! I was ambitious like never before with my annual bucket list. With two international trips already planned, we were poise to have another amazing, bucket-list busting year. Who knew that I should have identified “experience pandemic life” as a primary bucket list item that would monopolize much of my previous bucket-list plans. In hindsight, I am thankful for this weird year and the lessons that it is continuing to teach us.

This year I was able to fully complete 26/60 items and partially completed a handful more. The truth is my annual bucket lists aren’t really about completion. They are able being intentional with the finite resource of time and making memories with those I love. The older that I get, the more confident I am in the fact that I don’t have all the answers and I am not in control. That won’t stop me from reaching for a better version of myself and hoping for a brighter tomorrow!

There were a few items of note that weren’t on the annual bucket list, but WERE just as important:

  1. Waring became an officially certified and employed school counselor!
  2. Addie moved schools to be with her dad!
  3. I started back to grad school in hopes of becoming Dr. Harvey in a few short years!

Word of the Year: Present

Mantra: Choose the BIGGER LIFE. / Be APRIL.

Bucket List: 2020 Edition

  1. Write a letter to my 8 and 80 year old self–DONE!
  2. Run a marathon- Ran a 10K…
  3. Speak Spanish
  4. Go one year without soda—DONE and it felt so good that I think I will continue this trend into 2021.
  5. Sew my own dress- Maybe in 2021…
  6. Crochet something— DONE!A mug warmer…but it still counts!
  7. Make my own jewelry— DONE!I love making polymer clay earrings!
  8. Become debt free– Still working on this, but I decided to go back to school and cash-flowing this has slowed process down a bit. We have our sights set on 2021, though!
  9. Make my own candles—DONE! Time to make more!
  10. Try cryotherapy- Maybe in 2021…
  11. Host an Olympics Opening Ceremony party- Can you believe that the Olympics were cancelled?!?
  12. Host routine family dinners–We held one before COVID. UGH.
  13. Make pasta from scratch—DONE! The gnocchi was delicious!
  14. Visit a new continent- Maybe in 2021…
  15. See all 50 states- Maybe in 2021…
  16. Attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade- Can you believe that they did the parade WITHOUT a live audience?!?
  17. Go paintballing- Maybe in 2021…
  18. Make Granny’s Biscuits–DONE! (but not well)
  19. Try an IV drip- Maybe in 2021…
  20. Go to an ancient bath- Maybe in 2021…
  21. Learn to needle felt–DONE! I made a heart, a gnome, and a butterfly brooch for my granny
  22. Run a triathalon- Maybe in 2021…
  23. Drive a tank- Maybe in 2021…
  24. Carve my initials in a tree- This was just pure laziness, we should have done this!
  25. Make Granny Layne’s cake–DONE! There is photographic evidence that this turned out well!
  26. Go to Disneyland- Maybe in 2021…
  27. Take a DNA test- Maybe in 2021…
  28. Plant hydrangeas and blueberries- Maybe in 2021…
  29. Try a soundbath–DONE! (Virtually).
  30. Try Reiki- Took a course with a sweet former teacher friend!
  31. Learn how to stain glass
  32. Create a memory jar–DONE!
  33. Create my own spice blends—DONE! (Farm dust, chipotle, Chai coffee mix, fajita)–THESE are so good and I will certainly keep making the Farm Dust and Chipotle seasonings. They are so good!
  34. Blend tea- Maybe in 2021…
  35. Grow microgreens—DONE! I am pretty much a microgreen farmer.
  36. Stomp grapes- DONE at the Grape Crust Festival this year at Cartecay Vineyards (outside and socially-distanced)
  37. Swim with dolphins- Maybe in 2021…
  38. Become a yogi- I did start back with a morning yoga practice, but I have so far to go. There will be a yoga goal in 2021!
  39. Hold monthly Mariah dates- 😦
  40. Hold 12 high school friend gatherings- I think we had 5 face to face and one virtual session….
  41. Go on 6 date nights—DONE!
  42. Try yerba mate in Argentina- We did learn about making yerba mate from an Argentinian on Zoom and we tried some of it ourselves as well, so I am calling this a partially completed task!
  43. Go foraging- Maybe in 2021…
  44. Go hiking- Yes! Cascades Waterfall in Boone, NC and the Flatirons in Boulder, CO
  45. Read 6 devotional books- I finished one, several sermon podcasts, and some audio books.
  46. Have 6 craft nights with the girls- YES!
  47. Practice archery- YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch in Grandby, CO
  48. Cook indian at home 3 times- DONE! I can make a mean Keto Butter Chicken!
  49. Play in mud puddles with Addie- DONE!
  50. Fast 6 full days- One day….
  51. Pay a stranger’s bill 3 times—I think that we did this twice. It felt good each time….but I think that I need to put a reminder on my phone or car so I don’t forget to do this when I am checking out.
  52. Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day- Maybe in 2021…
  53. Participate in a local missions activity 3 times- Maybe in 2021…
  54. Cosplay at DragonCon- This was a virtual event, so maybe next year.
  55. Picnic outside 3 times—DONE!
  56. Stay up for 2 days straight- Maybe in 2021…
  57. Write a book- Maybe in 2021…
  58. Write 20 recipes in our family cookbook—I think I ended up with about 15, still a great start! I hope to collect more in 2021!
  59. See 6 sunrises or sunsets—DONE! Blue Ridge, Tybee, Meldrim, Grandby, Boone. I am better at capturing sunrises than sunsets. Sunrises require planning and preparation and we are typically busy during sunsets. 🙂
  60. Create and bury a 2020 time capsule–I have been saving scraps and items all year. We are doing this today!

One thought on “2020 Bucket List Year-End Review

  1. April. Don’t know why i would expect anything different from you
    You are a magnificant specimen of going after what you want in life. We are so proud of you and your accomplishments.
    Granny & Granda

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