National Dog Day

Okay, I am a little late on this post (there are only 2 more hours left of “National Dog Day,” but I can’t resist posting about Miss Lily-UR-So-Pretty-Harvey!


Well, technically we just call her Miss Lily…

Miss Lily loves her Octopus...which now has no stuffing...and I don't think it has all eight legs either...
Miss Lily loves her Octopus…which now has no stuffing…and I don’t think it has all eight legs either…


Doggie Portrait
Doggie Portrait
Good Morning! Rise and shine! (She wasn't feeling it...)
Good Morning! Rise and shine! (She wasn’t feeling it…)

Tricks and Talents:


-Begging for food/treats

-Giving “shuggy”

-Being “squishy” (she doesn’t like the word fat!)

-Cuddling (A.K.A making “Lily Sandwiches” between Hubby and I)

-Tearing up any stuffed animal in sight (even though she will drag it’s decapitated body all around and sleep with it beside her at all times!)

-Running away if you ask her if she “Needs a Bath!”


Obsessed?? …..yeah….just a little!

Happy National Dog Day!