Mommy Milestone: I Love You.

From the moment she was born I said it. I whispered it, prayed it, sang it, and repeated it over and over and over again. Even though those three little words couldn’t possibly describe my emotions bottled up inside, I said them anyway. “I love you.” From the moment she was born and for no reason at all I loved her. (It is in these moments that I feel I can see a glimpse of our Heavenly Father’s agape love towards man. We are nothing and could not possibly earn his favor, yet he so richly lavishes his love upon us.)

God has blessed our family with a sweet, sassy, silly, social butterfly named Addie. She has turned our world upside down, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Since she was born we make sure to tell her we love her each and every day so that it will be one of those undeniable truths that she can hold fast to when she becomes a teenager and thinks she knows it all, or her world is rocked by some unforeseen future or lingering doubt.

Most of our professions of love have been monologues spoken over her as she lie asleep, during late night rocking chair sessions, or fleeting and hurried moments throughout our time together. One day something different happened. She said it. Not “I love you too” as in a reply, but just out of the blue.  “Mommy, I’ll always love you.” And at that moment my heart grew three sizes and burst into a million tiny pieces all over the floor.

Now don’t forget, she is two…so shortly after this heartfelt moment she can usually be heard demanding another snack, drink, or negotiating five more minutes of playtime before her bath. But, in this moment I realize that another milestone of motherhood has come and I love her more with each passing day.


Painting pet rocks from the stones she collected at Granny Layne and Papa’s house.



Best Friends Throw The Best Baby Showers!!

Look how cute these invitations are! It is a Halloween book themed shower! The guests are asked to bring a book for Addie and dress in there favorite storybook character, and I will be dressed as the librarian!!! The sweetest part of the whole thing is that they made book plates that can be pasted in the front of each book that is given so that Addie will know how much she is loved.


3rd Trimester Bump Present

After a long Monday (which included locking myself out of my house at 6:30am, a 3 hour meeting after a full day of work, and a mini panic attack from all of the grad school work that I have upcoming…) it was so sweet to come home to this little package at my door. I do have the best friends/support group a gal could ask for! Thanks Tori for the pretty earrings!! I love them and you! Thank God for good friends!


Totally Impractical Baby List

This week marks the beginning of an adventure into the unknown world of the THIRD TRIMESTER!!! On one hand I can’t believe how fast the past six months have flown by, however the thought of being pregnant for another three months seems a bit daunting! Everyone I know keeps telling my how hard it is, and much I am going to hate it….it seems pretty hard to stay positive with those kind of comments, but I am going to try my best.

Baby Updates

-Holy baby bump!? (It seems that Baby Addie has decided to announce herself to the world and overnight I have a basketball underneath my t-shirt!)

-I get my shots, glucose test, and more blood work next week 😦

-We are debating about whether we want to go to the child birth classes at the hospital or not…(can’t I just youtube some information or something!!??)

-The baby room is almost complete (minus the curtains and a few decorative touches).

-I am getting excited about upcoming showers and the chance to see friends from out of town again!

-Baby Addie is kicking a lot, and if I put a flashlight up to my belly she goes crazy! She also really likes bath time (just like her mommy!)

Totally Impractical Baby List

Yes, I have read all of the best baby blogs and books on what to buy for your baby at different stages and etc… But this list isn’t about practicality, it is just about fun. Hubby and I have done very well ( I think) over the past few months. We have resisted the urge to by the baby a single article of clothing, because it seems like there are much more practical items that need to be acquired before we venture into the world of pink tutu’s and “Daddy’s Little Girl” onesies. I am sure that this baby will have a better wardrobe than me before it is all said and done. However, with the baby almost here, I have decided to cut myself some slack and allow myself to look at all the adorable little baby shops on Etsy and I think over the past few weeks I have added dozens of items to my “favorites” list. Yes, these are pretty impractical baby items, and are certainly not considered necessities…but aren’t they fun!?

Sweet Kiddo Co
Sweet Kiddo Co
Friends of Socktopus
Friends of Socktopus
Feather 4 Arrow
Feather 4 Arrow
Mart Baby Accessories
Mart Baby Accessories
Made By Eden Grace
Made By Eden Grace
Sweetheart Sunshine
Sweetheart Sunshine
Ginger POP Bowtique
Ginger POP Bowtique
Inspired By Zoelle
Inspired By Zoelle
Gentry's Closet
Gentry’s Closet
Sweet Kiddo Co
Sweet Kiddo Co

For the Love of Fall


So, I know that the weather outside has been rainy and muggy, but I still can’t help fantasizing about the crisp autumn breeze and cinnamon and pumpkin spice in the air! Honestly, I don’t think I really have a favorite season, but I am always ready for the NEXT one to come around. In the middle of dreary February I daydream about Springtime, and in March I can hardly wait to start my tan at the Beach. So, it should come to no surprise that on the brink of a new season I am chomping at the bits to get Fall started!

I have just hit the 6 1/2 month pregnancy mark, and if you can’t tell from the Color Run pictures from last week I am sporting a newly-found bump. Many of the students at my new school have noticed that I am carrying a little package in my tummy, however only one little girl has been brave enough to ask me! (She begged me not to give her extra homework or be mad at her before she asked me if I was expecting! I really wanted to play a joke on her and pretend that I had no clue what she was talking about….but the way she asked was too cute, so I told her the truth!)

This year we are sure going to have an eventful Fall (Welcome Baby Addie!), and I am sure that I will be tired carrying my “pumpkin” around with me all day, however I still want to enjoy this wonderful time of year (plus I still have some items on my 2013 Bucket List that I need to take care of ASAP!)

Here are some of our plans for Fall:

1. Music Midtown Concert in Atlanta (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Imagine Dragons, Journey, Weezer, and more!)

2. Read more from my “To Read Library Book List” (I have a few personal finance books that I want to check out, a few about parenting, and then some fiction fantasy just for fun!)

3. Carve a pumpkin (We try to do this every year. I like to pull out the pumpkin guts and cook the seeds, while Hubby does the actual carving!)

4. Apple Picking Weekend in Ellijay, GA (I think that we are going to rent a cabin with a few friends and celebrate on the very last weekend of pregnancy that I am cleared to travel….haha!)

5. Make some Fall Wreaths for all my family (Look at the one I made tonight at Ladies Craft Night at Church!)

2013-08-22 20.35.53

6. Make s’mores!

7. Go watch my sister’s high school football games and watch her during marching band performance.

8. Go back and see a college football game (and tailgate!)….I really don’t care too much for football, but I enjoy getting together with friends and eating! 🙂

9. Get a head start of Christmas shopping! (With all the excitement coming at the beginning of December, I need to start thinking about this now, or everyone will be getting a picture of Addie and a gift card!)

10. Go to a local Oktoberfest festival

11. Take maternity pictures!

12. Eat greasy food at the County Fair

13. Make my 2014 Bucket List!

14. Make chili

15. Go on a date night to a nice (read expensive) restaurant

16. Starting a Bible study with friends.

17. Having a baby! (ya know…no big deal… I got this….)

What do you have planned this Fall?

blue ridge

Weekly Update/Ultimate American Bucket List?

Weekly Update

Well, we (my students and I) have almost survived the first week of school. I have managed not to hit the snooze at all this week, the house and laundry are still well-kept, and I have tried to do at least a little bit of physical activity each day after work. All in all I would say that this week has been a success. Today got even better when Baby Addie and I got a healthy check-up at the doctor. They still think that Addie is going to be pretty big, but her heartbeat is nice and strong and my blood pressure is right on target! Although I am definitely feeling more fatigued, I feel her kicking all day and that reassures me that we are on the right track. (She is trying to kick the laptop as we speak!)

How am I going to top off such a great first week of school? I am glad you asked!! Waring and I are signed up for the COLOR RUN in downtown Savannah this Saturday. It will actually be more of a Color WALK for me, but I am just excited to knock this one off the bucket list and have something out of the ordinary to do! Ran or shine, I am sure we will have a blast. Don’t worry, there will be pictures!

Can't wait!
Can’t wait!


Ultimate American Bucket List

If you had to choose the 20 must-see/most iconic landmarks to visit in the United States, what would they be? Budget Travel has recently posted their must-see list! How many of these places have you visited? (Click here to read the full article!),8823/,8823/

Here are the ones of the list that I have crossed off:
1. National Mall, Washington D. C.

2. Las Vegas

3. Times Square New York

4. Nashville, TN

5. Grand Canyon, AZ

6. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, FL

8. Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA

9. Fenway Park Boston, MA

10. South Beach Miami, FL

11. Civil Rights District Atlanta, GA

12. Gettysburg, PA

13. Architecture in Chicago, IL

14. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY


14 out of 20…not too shabby…but still not satisfied!