Weekly Update/Ultimate American Bucket List?

Weekly Update

Well, we (my students and I) have almost survived the first week of school. I have managed not to hit the snooze at all this week, the house and laundry are still well-kept, and I have tried to do at least a little bit of physical activity each day after work. All in all I would say that this week has been a success. Today got even better when Baby Addie and I got a healthy check-up at the doctor. They still think that Addie is going to be pretty big, but her heartbeat is nice and strong and my blood pressure is right on target! Although I am definitely feeling more fatigued, I feel her kicking all day and that reassures me that we are on the right track. (She is trying to kick the laptop as we speak!)

How am I going to top off such a great first week of school? I am glad you asked!! Waring and I are signed up for the COLOR RUN in downtown Savannah this Saturday. It will actually be more of a Color WALK for me, but I am just excited to knock this one off the bucket list and have something out of the ordinary to do! Ran or shine, I am sure we will have a blast. Don’t worry, there will be pictures!

Can't wait!
Can’t wait!


Ultimate American Bucket List

If you had to choose the 20 must-see/most iconic landmarks to visit in the United States, what would they be? Budget Travel has recently posted their must-see list! How many of these places have you visited? (Click here to read the full article!)


Here are the ones of the list that I have crossed off:
1. National Mall, Washington D. C.

2. Las Vegas

3. Times Square New York

4. Nashville, TN

5. Grand Canyon, AZ

6. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, FL

8. Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA

9. Fenway Park Boston, MA

10. South Beach Miami, FL

11. Civil Rights District Atlanta, GA

12. Gettysburg, PA

13. Architecture in Chicago, IL

14. Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY


14 out of 20…not too shabby…but still not satisfied!

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