Summer So Far… Tomatoes, Bananas, & Spa Nights

Tomorrow marks my last day at work before Summer break/ Maternity leave! With Ella sure to make her grand appearance soon, Addie and I have been napping each afternoon and then trying to make the most of our evenings with some Summer Bucket List items!


Summer Bucket List 2018

1: Make-overs and Spa Night

-Addie loves to play dress up and we both love to get pampered! Look at all of of fun.


2. Tomato Sandwiches

-We went to Polk’s Plus to get some fresh tomatoes and then made some sandwiches right on the spot!


Bonus Item:

-My parents invited us to a Savannah Bananas Game. I am not sure if Addie actually watched any of the action on the field, but she had a lot of fun!



2017 Bucket List: Completion Report

While the temperature outside may still denote Summer, my school calendar does not. A new Happy Planner has been purchased and pre-pre-planning is underway. I have to go back to work a little bit earlier these days…however it is easy to get back into the school year swing when you absolutely love your job AND when the one who helps with Addie during the day is the same woman who raised you (thanks MOM)!


We had another epic Summer in the Harvey household complete with trips to Disney World, a cruise to Mexico, time spent at the Lake and Beach. It’s a wonder that we were able to complete anything on our Summer Bucket List with all that extra fun…but Addie and I are pros at this bucket list thing. Check out of progress this Summer!

Here is the list for this year:

  1. Make a stepping stone- Bought the supplies, but not yet completed. I will post picks with the finished product!
  2. Collect and paint rocks- CHECK!
  3. Visit the Trampoline Park- CHECK!
  4. Paint Pottery- CHECK! Addie did such a great job. The lady who works there noted how much patience she had painting all of her pieces.
  5. Create a spa night at home- CHECK! Aunt Mer took us to a neat place that allows you to customize and create your own bath scrubs and oils. We used these and some samples of spa lotions and nail polish that we got for free the same day.
  6. Go to a summer matinee- CHECK! We saw Cars III….not my favorite Disney movie, but a Disney movie is better than almost anything else out so I call it a win.
  7. Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day- I really like doing this, but it is so much more fun as a group. I will add it to the Fall Bucket List to redeem ourselves!
  8. Tie dye- CHECK!
  9. Have a picnic/tea party- CHECK! This was Addie’s first-official-non-pretend Tea Party. She LOVED it!
  10. Go sea shelling in St. Augustine- CHECK (sort of). We went to Fernandina instead and there were VERY FEW shells.
  11. Make homemade pizza- NOPE.
  12. Make jewelry- CHECK! Addie made a necklace and bracelet with her name on it and all.
  13. Go to the beach with friends- CHECK!
  14. Have a lazy day around the house- CHECK! We actually had several of these….until I decide I can’t stand being cooped up and we go head to town or anywhere.
  15. Go to a U-pick farm- CHECK! This year we actually picked tomatoes. YUM!
  16. Go to the open studio hours at a local kids art studio (Henny Penny or Scribble Art Studio)- NOPE. Maybe sometime soon?

All in all it was a great Summer. I can’t wait for many more with this little chick!


Lake and Beach: 2 Weekends with Addie

With only 940 Saturdays between birth to 18 I want to make sure I savor each and every one in Addie’s life whether we are adventuring around the world or our hometown, I want to hold on to these precious moments. Some weekends we celebrate the mundane….but the last two weekends have been extra-special.

Elijah Clark State Park Weekend Adventure

We camped, we ate Mexican AND Italian (who says Lake Life can’t have some global flare), we tie dyed, and we swam and played!

elijahelijah 2elijah3

Day Trip to Downtown Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach

We came, we played, we ate, we left!



Summer 2017 Bucket List


Another glorious summer is here! As an educator, Summer is the season of life in which we can stay up late, pretend for a little while that we are stay at home moms, finally get to that overdue spring cleaning, READ, be the fun mom that you wanted to be all year, cook actual meals that aren’t from a box, can, or freezer, and reconnect with family and friends. Yes, summer sabbaticals are amazing. They recharge our batteries and allow us to hit the ground running at 110% come August!

Summer is great, but it doesn’t last! In order to make the most of each summer day with Addie I find it helpful to create a bucket list (of course….). In years to come I think it will be even more fun as she will get to come up with unique and crazy adventures to add to our list each year as well.

Here is the list for this year:

  1. Make a stepping stone (We did this last year, so I would like to make it a yearly tradition).
  2. Collect and paint rocks
  3. Visit the Trampoline Park
  4. Paint Pottery
  5. Create a spa night at home
  6. Go to a summer matinee
  7. Have a Random Acts of Kindness Day
  8. Tie dye
  9. Have a picnic/tea party
  10. Go sea shelling in St. Augustine
  11. Make homemade pizza
  12. Make jewelry
  13. Go to the beach with friends
  14. Have a lazy day around the house
  15. Go to a U-pick farm
  16. Go to the open studio hours at a local kids art studio (Henny Penny or Scribble Art Studio)

We still have a little bit  more time before I go back to school. I will be sure to post our accomplishments then! What’s on your list this summer?


Mommy Milestone: I Love You.

From the moment she was born I said it. I whispered it, prayed it, sang it, and repeated it over and over and over again. Even though those three little words couldn’t possibly describe my emotions bottled up inside, I said them anyway. “I love you.” From the moment she was born and for no reason at all I loved her. (It is in these moments that I feel I can see a glimpse of our Heavenly Father’s agape love towards man. We are nothing and could not possibly earn his favor, yet he so richly lavishes his love upon us.)

God has blessed our family with a sweet, sassy, silly, social butterfly named Addie. She has turned our world upside down, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Since she was born we make sure to tell her we love her each and every day so that it will be one of those undeniable truths that she can hold fast to when she becomes a teenager and thinks she knows it all, or her world is rocked by some unforeseen future or lingering doubt.

Most of our professions of love have been monologues spoken over her as she lie asleep, during late night rocking chair sessions, or fleeting and hurried moments throughout our time together. One day something different happened. She said it. Not “I love you too” as in a reply, but just out of the blue.  “Mommy, I’ll always love you.” And at that moment my heart grew three sizes and burst into a million tiny pieces all over the floor.

Now don’t forget, she is two…so shortly after this heartfelt moment she can usually be heard demanding another snack, drink, or negotiating five more minutes of playtime before her bath. But, in this moment I realize that another milestone of motherhood has come and I love her more with each passing day.


Painting pet rocks from the stones she collected at Granny Layne and Papa’s house.


Addie and April Take Over Summer 2016

Well, week two of Addie & April Take Over Summer is almost in the books. I think that I can speak for us both by saying that we are having a blast. Last Summer was complicated for many reasons and I didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I would have liked, but oh we are making up for it this year in true list-making, adventure-seeking, task-oriented, action item crossing-off fashion! When I look back on this Summer I don’t want to say…we sat around and watched TV. I want to make memories and grow closer together this Summer. Not trying to brag, but you should be jealous because…we are on a roll! 🙂 In all honestly, my prayers each night seem to be summed up in two simple words (Thank you.) Thank you Jesus for the blessing of this sweet time. Thank you Jesus for this crazy little girl that you have entrusted to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Check out our progress below!

Summer Bucket List—2016 Edition

-Go see a $1 movie

-Make homemade ice cream

-Go camping

-See Sesame Street Live- check! Addie is in love with ELMO!

-Tiedye t-shirts– check! When the Tori and Mariah came down for the weekend we snagged a quick opportunity to tie-die a few shirts! This was so much fun, and the best part is that Addie and I still have some left over!!

-Pick black berries- check! Okay, so it was a little warm today when we finally got out to the farm today, but it was still fun. Addie is fighting a little Summer cold and doesn’t like to be sweaty, so she told us that she was “really, really thirsty and ready to go to Addie’s house” about 15 minutes after we got there. She DID love eating the fruits of our labor at lunch though!

-Make jam & can tomatoes

-Host a yard sale- check! We didn’t make a ton of cash, but we had a lot of fun trying! It was nice to spend a Saturday morning together with the family and get rid of some clutter in the process. 

-Get play make-up and have a makeover night- check! There really is no limit to the fun that $1 makeup from the corner Dollar General can provide!

-Paint Pet Rocks/Character Rocks

-Go to the Library– check! Addie absolutely LOVED Story Time at the library. I can’t say that I am not a little bit proud that she took a seat in the front row and tried to be Miss Star Student, even if she did tell some of the other kids to “shh….because this is a library.” 

-Finish Thanksgiving table cloth

-Make flash cards

-Homemade pizza night

-Oatland Island nature walk

-Throw a Tea-Party

-Make a Pillow Fort & hold a Disney Movie Marathon- check (sort-of). We haven’t had a full-on Disney Movie Marathon, but Hubby and I have been binge watching Black List while Addie watches a plethora of different DVDs in the evening time. By the end of the day the Summer heat has gotten to everyone and nothing is better than some lounge time in bed with the whole family!

-Make a Stepping Stone- check! The stepping stone turned out to be the cutest thing ever, thanks to the help of my Papa, Granny Layne, and Aunt Jenny. I can’t wait to make this a Summer traditions and get to see these precious pavers in the yard for years to come!

-Take swim lessons- check! Addie had a blast swimming with Mrs. Loren. She talked and talked about her each day until we finally arrived for her lessons!

2016 Summer Bucket List

Never mind that I haven’t finished my traditional annual bucket list for 2016…. IT IS SUMMER! I am always a sucker for new beginnings, which is one of the reasons I know I am meant to be an educator. Only in education are you afforded the opportunity to create new year’s resolutions/plans/lists at the beginning of the calendar year AND at the beginning of the new school year. But, if you are crazy like me…you also stretch your new beginnings, planning, and list-making by creating new plans and adventures each Summer as well. I don’t know what it is, but there is so much sweet satisfaction in crossing items off my list. I have a problem….I know!

Last Summer was full with a new job on the horizon and working Summer School. This year will be busy as well, however I am eager to spend some much needed quality time with my mini-me! Here is a list of what we hope to accomplish during our time together. Don’t worry, we will keep you updated on our progress!

Summer Bucket List—2016 Edition

-Go see a $1 movie

-Make homemade ice cream

-Go camping

-Tiedye t-shirts

-Pick blue berries/strawberries

-Make jam & can tomatoes

-Host a yard sale

-Get play make-up and have a makeover night

-Paint Pet Rocks/Character Rocks

-Go to the Library

-Finish Thanksgiving table cloth

-Make flash cards

-Homemade pizza night

-Oatland Island nature walk

-Throw a Tea-Party

-Make a Pillow Fort & hold a Disney Movie Marathon


Can you think of anything we are missing? What is on your Summer Bucket List?yos

Chasing the Last Days of Summer

Wow! School. Starts. Next. Week. (Well, at least pre-planning, which everyone knows is the calm before the storm!)


Yesterday was fabulous. It was one of those days that isn’t incredibly eventful, but that is how you planned it to be. I made Waring breakfast ( a luxury he gets when I am off during the Summer and not hating mornings because I know I can always take a nap in the middle of the day) and cuddled Miss Lily until almost 10am. After we finally decided to roll out of bed for the day, I left to run some errands for the day.

I picked up our new crib from Walmart, which made this whole pregnancy thing feel a whole lot more legit, and picked up some paint for Waring to paint Addie’s nursery bookcase. Then I decided to do something really fun, I WENT TO THE LIBRARY! I used to go every Summer growing up with my grandmothers and it was so much fun, but I haven’t been in years. I went in, registered for a new card, and started browsing! It was so great. Library….I have missed you! I won’t leave you for so long again!


While signing up for my library card, the lady at the front desk asked for my ID. She was quiet for a few minutes, and then said, “Your name is very familiar. We have someone on our church prayer list with the same name.” I immediately thought to myself, well….I am not sick, so I replied that I must have a common name. Then she responded by sharing that the lady was not sick, but rather she was pregnant. At that point I had to ask her where she went to church. It turns out she attends the same church as my aunt and grandmother in the small town in which I grew up! I couldn’t believe it, this complete stranger had been praying for ME! Wow. I was so humbled, and slightly amused by the whole situation! Just because I am not sick doesn’t mean that I don’t need prayer. As a matter of fact, if you are reading this now please feel free to add me to YOUR church or personal prayer list. It felt amazing to know that I have a family of believers praying for Addie and I. I a was so shocked by that encounter…but I am sure that God was laughing!


The rest of the day flew by pretty uneventfully. I went to a thrift store and picked up a few maternity items. (It seems pretty pointless to pay full price for maternity clothes that hopefully won’t be worn too long after recovering from the baby). I went for a swim and read one of my library finds, and cooked dinner for Hubby and I. We (he mostly) set up the crib and put on the wall decal above her bed. Around 10pm we called it a night. It was a great day, and one of the best last days of Summer!


A List of What I Did Accomplish This Summer:

-Got the honor of being a bridesmaid in the BIG DAY of two of my dearest friends.

-Went to the mall and hung out with my sister (which doesn’t happen as often as it should.)

-Spent time with my Uncle Lee before he went to be with the Lord.

-Visited two new states (Washington and Alaska) and went on a BEAUTIFUL cruise through Alaska’s Middle Passage

-Ate from a food truck in Seattle!

-Had a spend the night party with two of my best friends (Tori and Mariah)! We ate Chinese food and watched cheesy movies. It was the best!

-Watched my husband use our Paddle Boards for the first time (I can’t play with them yet…boo…)

-Went to Myrtle Beach for Trish’s Bachelorette Weekend and had some fun in the sun!

-Visited two new places in the 1,000 Places to See book from South Carolina with my friend Jennifer

-Cuddled and hugged my puppy (Miss Lily) everyday!

-Threw a successful Gender Reveal Party

-Registered for baby stuff and started on our nursery

-Spring cleaned the ENTIRE house (and donated over $1,000 worth of my “junk” to charity!)

-Made Jam and canned picked

-Read three books (Honestly, I am not very proud of this one. I should have been reading much more!)

-Created a meal plan once a week AND stuck to it!

-Updated our monthly budget AND cash system (and we are currently sticking to it!)

-Only put on make when vitally necessary.

-Slept in!

-Worked out!

-Had quiet time devotionals (love me some Beth Moore)

-Got life insurance

-Created lesson plans for school up through January!

-Made our annual digital scrapbook and updated my smashbook

-Set up my classroom BEFORE pre-planning!



I can’t believe I am heading into my fourth year as a teacher and about to take maternity leave in just a few short months. When I think about agonizing  over my major in college graduating early, I am so glad that God already knew my plans. He had it all figured out….and he was probably laughing at me for being so dramatic about the whole thing! I am so blessed to have a job that I absolutely love and a passion for what I wake up and get to do each day (note that I did not say I had a passion for waking up….I don’t feel 100% human on most days until about 10am).

Pray for my students, the new family addition, hubby, and I this year. We will always need prayer, and we will be busy! l

On a Roll!

A quick glance at the calendar, and I see that I only have two more weeks of Summer. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job, but it takes so much of me mentally, physically, and spiritually that I often have little time when I get home to do anything in the way of hobbies or crafts (and I am guessing that those moments are going to become even more scarce once Baby Addie arrives).

So, after a little reality check with the calendar, I got myself out of the bed and hit the ground running! I took Miss Lily to the vet (she wasn’t so thrilled about that) and went to Wally World for some supplies! The rest of the afternoon I spent making fridge bread and butter pickles, blueberry jam, and lemon cranberry scones!

It was a great day, and I topped it all off with a nice candlelit bath…it really doesn’t get much better than this!


Summertime is the Season for LISTS!

Summer time to me means: travel and new experiences, icee pops and watermelon, suntan lotion and salty air, sleeping in and snuggling with my furbaby, Miss Lily, and LIST!

Many guys and gals are feeling nostalgic over past summertime memories, and children dream of all the days of fun ahead as the school year draws to an end. Why not take advantage of this precious time a and make valuable use of your time by creating a Summer ToDo List of your own.

Here are just few resources to get you started:

1. Wisebread: 10 Old School Things That Make Summer, SUMMER!

2. Parenting: 101 Fun Things To Do This Summer

3. BuzzFeed Food: 60 Things You Absolutely Have to Do This Summer

4. Huffington Post: 50 Things To Do The Summer Before You Go To College


Happy Listing!