Weirdest Week Back Ever!

Wow! I could never have imagined that during my first week back to work I would:

-be required to leave work and visit the doctor again after only 1/2 a day back

-have an early release day for all students and staff on my second day

-have a SNOW DAY on what would have been my third day back on the job


Even in the midst of this craziness, returning to work has been pretty smooth emotionally. I love my students very much and am blessed to have a job that I find truly fulfilling. Addie is in such capable hands this week with my mother-in-law (this week) and my mom (after this week) that I feel so much more comfortable returning to work. I am happy that this is the decision we have made as a family, but I am also excited that Spring Break is only 6 weeks away! Haha!


I hope that each of you stay warm and safe tomorrow. I will be cuddling with my snuggle buddy!

2014-01-21 07.46.13



Bucket List Item #1 of 2014

Lock up your sons…MAMA’s gotta gun!


It has been driving me crazy that almost an entire month has passed and I hadn’t been able to cross anything off of this year’s bucket list…until…TODAY!

Hubby and I went with Justin and Meredith to the shooting  range (which was an experience in and of itself…) and shot a real live gun. I have grown up around guns, but it has always been the men in my family or my husband’s family that have hunted or shot for a hobby. I am generally pretty terrified of guns, so this was a big deal for me. It seems silly but I had a similar feeling to when I was skydiving…which I think many people would find MUCH more terrifying. HAHA! At least now I can say that I actually know how to protect myself and Addie if I every had to (not that I really want to think about that too much either…).

I hope that I will be able to knock out another bucket list item next month too!



One Week Of Maternity Leave Left….

Well, after only planning to take six weeks off, and later stretching it to twelve, my time as a stay at home mommy is about to end. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown! Some days were difficult with growth spurts, cluster feedings, spitting up, poopy blow outs, crying, gassy tummies, lots of wardrobe changes, and sleepless nights. When thinking back on the whole maternity leave experience, however, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The first eight days of Addie’s life were spent without cuddles or hugs because she was in the special care nursery and labeled a “touch me not” baby. Any stimulation could send her into respiratory distress. Then we brought her home and she went to the doctor ten times in the next two weeks due to prolonged jaundice and weight gaining issues. We felt like we were on an emotional rollercoaster. Where was the time when we got to cuddle with our little girl, sleep in late, and spend the day around the house in our pjs? It was at that time that hubby and I made the decision to extend my maternity leave another twelve weeks.

I can say that was one of the best decisions we made. It has been SOO worth it.

I will go back to work next week knowing that my little girl is in great hands with my mother keeping her during the day. She will be spoiled rotten by her, but she will also show her love and nurture her and teach her. I was lucky enough to be kept by my grandmothers as well, and I am so thankful for the time we spent together. They have influenced and impacted the woman that I have become, and I am so excited that Addie will get to have those same experiences with her Gigi and Meme as well.

I am so thankful for the snuggles, hugs, sugar, naps, smiles, playtime and moments with Addie. I already am looking forward to Summer break with my little girl, but for now I am going to enjoy every last second of my time off with my little girl right now!

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2014 Bucket List

Life is short…so let’s make a list!

2014 Bucket List

1. Read at least 20 books (with at least 5 devotional books, 3 finance books, and 5 parenting books)

2. Visit 35 States (currently on 30)

3. SCUBA in a new location (probably Pensacola, FL because my sister-in-law just moved there)

4. Create a Will (not that fun, but needs to be done)

5. Set up a 529 Savings and General Savings Account for Addie (because college is right around the corner…)

6. Plan bougainvillea and hydrangea (maybe in our new home…if we can find something we like)

7. Parasail (already bought the groupon!)

8. Try Acupuncture

9. Take a cooking class

10. Read my Bible Everyday (read it to Addie)

11. Stick to a budget all year (last year we made it from about June until the end of November…)

12. Create a Mother-Daughter Bucket List (Yes…I do make lists for my lists!)

13. Run a 10K (probably some time this Summer)

14. Run a 1/2 Marathon (Rock N Roll in November)

15. Start sewing (I have learned how to do this in theory. Now I need to put the skills to practice!)

16. Create a signature table cloth keepsake

table cloth table cloth2

17. Shoot a gun (really I am terrified of this, but I feel like I should try it at least once)

18. Take A cooking class

19. Start juicing and eating less processed foods

20. Make Baby Addie baby food

21. Cut out soda

22. Make it to post-baby goal weight (I have lost the weight from pregnancy, but I still would like to get down to my happy college weight! 🙂

23. Light a sky lantern

24. Learn more constellations