Bucket List Item #1 of 2014

Lock up your sons…MAMA’s gotta gun!


It has been driving me crazy that almost an entire month has passed and I hadn’t been able to cross anything off of this year’s bucket list…until…TODAY!

Hubby and I went with Justin and Meredith to the shooting  range (which was an experience in and of itself…) and shot a real live gun. I have grown up around guns, but it has always been the men in my family or my husband’s family that have hunted or shot for a hobby. I am generally pretty terrified of guns, so this was a big deal for me. It seems silly but I had a similar feeling to when I was skydiving…which I think many people would find MUCH more terrifying. HAHA! At least now I can say that I actually know how to protect myself and Addie if I every had to (not that I really want to think about that too much either…).

I hope that I will be able to knock out another bucket list item next month too!



2 thoughts on “Bucket List Item #1 of 2014

  1. Very cool! I’d be scared to death to shoot a gun, but perhaps in that kind of (safe) environment…you never know! 🙂

    1. I was a little scared, honestly! Now that I have Addie though I think I have this motherly instinct to protect her, and I just felt that I need to at lest know how it feels to shoot, even though I hope it NEVER comes to that!

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