Half Marathon: Bucket List Adventure ACCOMPLISHED!

After growing to an all new-larger-than-life-me during pregnancy I knew once 2014 began I wanted to do something that I didn’t think I was physically able to do. I wanted to run a half-marathon. I half-heartedly (pun intended) added it to my bucket list for this year, thinking all the while that this was a goal far out of reach. Eleven months later, however, I am proud to say that I am a medal-wearing member of the HALF MARATHON FINISHER CLUB! Yes, I did run at the pace of a turtle trudging through peanut butter, but I made it across that finish line just the same!

I am so thankful for our dearest friends, Meredith and Justin, who sacrificed their time, sweat, and even their knees to help accomplish this crazy bucket list goal of mine. While the four of us can’t say that we are IN LOVE with running, I am thankful for the MANY MILES that we spent together catching up on the latest news and sharing our lives and heart with each other. IF only those roads could talk…they would have many stories to tell! 🙂

I am not sure what next year’s bucket list adventures will have in store for me and my family, but this one has sure taught me a lot about determination, loyalty, and love. Thank you GOD for allowing us this victory!

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A Year in the Life (of Addie)

Addie is ONE. I am now the mom of a toddler. Is this real life?

A year ago my water broke at 5am…a month earlier than expected. That day was the start of our adventure into parenthood. We were catapulted into the world of fear, anxiety, hope, faith, worry, and joy that is parenthood. In those first eight days I have never felt God’s hand of protection and the love of family and friends more clearly. Over the past year Waring and I have been blessed more and more each day.

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When I was pregnant I did a lot of “research” so that hopefully I would have it all  figured out by the time Addie arrived. I found out rather quickly that I was COMPLETELY unprepared for this new adventure and I would have to depend on Christ to guide us (as well as really helpful family members). This year I have learned a lot, but most importantly I have learned that no amount of worrying or fear can help me raise Addie any better. This year and for the rest of our time together I want to live in the present, be genuine, be transparent, and strive love my husband, my little girl, my family, and my students the way Christ loves us.


Where did this year go? I am excited for the future and I love seeing her grow, but man I miss my baby. I am going to hold her a bit tighter tonight and try not to blink….

Happy First Birthday Addie!

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