Fall Bucket List Status Report

Fall has been so much fun. The cozy and familiar traditions add meaning and a richness to the season that I absolutely love.

***We were able to accomplish the majority of our Fall activities, and we even threw in a few extra as bonus. I was able to get a new tattoo, start Addie in gymnastics, and 2 visits from the tooth fairy!

  1. Paint/Carve Pumpkins–DONE!
  2. Blue Ridge Trip—DONE!
  3. Pick Apples—DONE!
  4. Trick or Treat—-DONE!
  5. Create Bucket List Prints—DONE!
  6. Decorate for Fall—-DONE!
  7. Fall Crafts—–DONE!
  8. Fair/Fall Festival—-DONE! (Blue Ridge Heritage Festival)
  9. Celebrate Addie’s Birthday—-DONE!
  10. Campout—-DONE!
  11. Sky Lanterns—(not yet)
  12. Eat Two New Foods—-(not yet)
  13. Go Stargazing—-(not yet)
  14. Go to Disney World—DONE!
  15. Host 4th Annual Friendsgiving–We didn’t host, but we did attend!
  16. Make Chili—DONE!
  17. Go to a Corn Maze—(not yet)
  18. Make a Halloween Book—DONE!
  19. Make S’mores—-DONE!
  20. Make Homemade Playdoh—-DONE!
  21. Get a New Tattoo—-DONE!
  22. Make New Photo Canvas—-DONE!
  23. Sign-up For a Half Marathon—(not yet)
  24. Bake Fall Cookies—-DONE (but they were from a box)
  25. Create a Fall Playlist—–partially DONE
  26. Make Candy Apples—-(not this year)
  27. Find a New Scarf—(not yet)
  28. Make Fall Candles—-(not yet)
  29. Go to the Fair—–(no, Addie was sick the whole week)
  30. Go See a Drive-in Movie—(nope)
  31. Go to a Girls-only Halloween Party—-(maybe next year)
  32. Go on  Leaf Hunt—-DONE!
  33. Thanksgiving Tablecloth—-(maybe next year)



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