2015: Another year, Another Bucket List

I am not sure if it is just the bigger journal that I have to write out my goals in or if I am just feeling overly ambitious this year, but the 2015 Bucket List is jammed-packed!

Here’s the Plan:

1. Be more thoughtful (create a thankful box and plan to send more cards, flowers, letters, and thoughtful gestures each month).

2. Read 15 books (2 personal finance, 2 parenting, 3 devotions)

3. Learn to sew and making something for Addie

4. crochet a blanket

5. Build our dream home

6. Visit 2 new states

7. Celebrate 10 wacky holidays

8. Go zorbing

9. Take Addie on her first trip to Disney (to visit Mariah)

10. Go see Tori and John in Winston-Salem

11. GO see Audra, Drew, and Baby Samuel

12. Hang glide,

13. Triathalon

14. Krispy Kreme Challenge

15. Plant hydrangea and bougainvillea

16. Fine my “signature dish”

17. Complete 2 Minimalist challenges (more on this later)

18. Create a will

19. Complete at least 2 100 Day Challenges (more info to come)

20. Celebrate the Highland Games

21. Stick to a budget ALL year

22. Dye my hair a crazy color

23. Start and keep a prayer journal

24. Get a henna tattoo

25. Give up soda (again)

26. Get to happy college weight again

27. Brush up my Spanish for the mission trip

28. Put Waring second only to God

29. Get our home’s first nativity set

30. Start an Advent Calendar

31. Learn about homesteading (Rain water collection, composting, bees, chickens)

32. Go to an stargazing event

33. Run the 1/2 marathon for time

34. Make homemade soap

35. Make our own bedroom furniture

36. Learn and use essential oils

37. Focus on 5 specific individuals all year in prayer

38. Keep fresh flowers in our new home

39. Create an emergency preparedness kit

40. Set up autodrafts into our IRA


42. Smashbook ALL year!

43. Complete the Tybee Polar Plunge!

I am excited to see where this year takes our family. We have a lot of things to look forward to this year, like finishing grad school, building our new house, and going on a mission trip with church. I know that even if  I never cross off another bucket list item that our little family is BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!


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