Summer Bucket List Item: Paint Pottery

For the past two years Addie and I have painted pottery over the Summer. We always make Christmas ornaments for family members and something that Addie picks out for herself. This year we had company in the form of Katie, Leona, Meredith, Baby Eli, Mom, and Little Sister Eleanor! We had a full table, full hands, and definitely full hearts. Take a look at some of the craziness from yesterday. Summer bucket list item checked way, way, off the list…until next year!



Mommy Milestone: Pre-K Graduation

Parenthood is rough stuff. It is pretty much like ripping your heart out repeatedly…. How did Addie get big enough to graduate pre-k?!? Well, technically this was Pre-K 3, but I still can’t believe it. She will be coming to school with me for full day Pre-K next year. I worried about how she would make the transition to Pre-K 3 this year, but she did a great job. Her teachers really nurtured her inquisitive spirit and encouraged her to be herself. She made some great friends and really enjoyed learning this year alongside Ms. Michelle and Ms. Katie. Her award this school year was Star Student!





Thank you, Snow Days

I would like to personally thank our three Georgia Snow Days for:

  1. allowing a few more non-busy mommy-Addie days.
  2. the opportunity to play in the snow.
  3. a chance to see what it feels like to actually live in a location with four distinct season…even for just a few days.
  4. a chance to stay inside, light a fire, and cuddle.
  5. time to finally declutter, organize, and thoroughly clean after the holidays.
  6. naps in the middle of the day.
  7. a forced break form busy-ness outside of the home.

This is certainly the year for inclement weather days! While I am thankful for the extra few days, I am also grateful to be going to a workplace that I love and a work family that make coming to work feel like home. I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!

Stress: It’s What Holds Us Together

In a nutshell:

1. Mommy (master chef, dirty diaper director, bathing supervisor, and the list goes on…)

2. Grad School Student

3. Middle School Teacher

4. Department Head

5. Gifted Certification Student

6. Home Seller

7. Home economist

8. Moving coordinator


2014-08-10 09.26.23

I love being busy. I thrive on meeting deadlines and I totally geek out on making a killer to-do list, but even I have had to learn to say no. This week I was given an opportunity to pursue a professional goal, but after a few moments of dreaming I had to come back to the reality that I literally have NO TIME! I have a sky high revolving to do list that I don’t get finished with each day and it would be delusional to think that I could or would want to add anything else to the mix.

Since school has started it seems that Addie has made leaps and bounds of growth. She is over 23lbs and BUSY! She is moving all around the room and pulling up on everything that will stay stationary for long enough (including you if you are around)! As professionally driven as I am, I don’t want to miss out on her. She has given me more joy in my short nine months with her than the last five years of my career. I love my job, and it is very rewarding, but I have to remind myself that: It. Is. Just. A. Job. As much as I am making an impact on the students that I come into contact with each day, I am making an even greater impact on her life. I want it to be a positive one. So, if that means saying no to other obligations so that I can say yes to her, then okay. She is worth it.

I promise on one of my less busy days (haha) I will update you on my bucket list progress (or lack there of)!



First Day of School

I. Survived. The. First. Day. Of. Middle. School.

Getting back into the groove is always a little challenging. Waking up is usually easier for me on the first day, because I am still one of those kids who can’t sleep before any big event (Christmas, School, Vacations, Etc…) I was out the door 15 minutes early and had class set up and prepared before a single student showed up to my door for home room! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Class went by without a hitch today (relatively speaking) and the bell rang for dismissal after a whirl wind day. It was a pretty fabulous first day of school, but I forgot how tiring teaching is. You have to be “on” all the time. You have to be up all the time (and at 6 months pregnant that feat is becoming more difficult by the day). I am currently sitting on the couch with my feet elevated and hoping that the swelling in my feet will go down! I am wondering how comical this adventure is going to become by the time I am 8 or 9 months pregnant!

I wish all the other teachers out there a great week back to school. Say a prayer for all of us and our students. It is going to be a great year!


Can I get an amen!!??
Can I get an amen!!??

Feeling Pretty Accomplished!

My INFOGRAPHIC for open house!
My INFOGRAPHIC for open house!

Open house at the STEM Academy is tonight! We have worked hard this week and are so excited to meet these great students who are the first to experience the awesomeness that is STEM education here in Savannah!


Whew!! Ok, the open house is over and everyone is gone. All but 16 8th graders showed up with there parents! Many of the parents were so excited about the school that they said they wanted to actually come to school with their child because the classes seemed to awesome! I can’t believe how blessed I truly am to have I job that I love! (Now I need to go rest before Monday’s madness begins!)


Here are just a few pics from the night!







Here is layout of the building. Our pictures show where our classrooms are located within the school! You can use a QR code scanner to scan our face and watch a video of us!


Use your QR Code Scanner on your phone and watch my welcome video!!!