Feeling Pretty Accomplished!

My INFOGRAPHIC for open house!
My INFOGRAPHIC for open house!

Open house at the STEM Academy is tonight! We have worked hard this week and are so excited to meet these great students who are the first to experience the awesomeness that is STEM education here in Savannah!


Whew!! Ok, the open house is over and everyone is gone. All but 16 8th graders showed up with there parents! Many of the parents were so excited about the school that they said they wanted to actually come to school with their child because the classes seemed to awesome! I can’t believe how blessed I truly am to have I job that I love! (Now I need to go rest before Monday’s madness begins!)


Here are just a few pics from the night!







Here is layout of the building. Our pictures show where our classrooms are located within the school! You can use a QR code scanner to scan our face and watch a video of us!


Use your QR Code Scanner on your phone and watch my welcome video!!!

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