Winter Bucket List 2018-2019

A new season will be upon us shortly, which means… a new seasonal bucket list! Here’s what is (hopefully) coming up over the next few months:


  1. Set up an Advent Calendar
  2. Make Christmas Treats
  3. Decorate Gingerbread Houses
  4. Make Footprint Canvases
  5. tell the True Story of Christmas to Addie and Ella
  6. Celebrate New Years and Make Some New Traditions
  7. Post my 2019 Bucket List and Words
  8. Make Word/Affirmation Bracelets
  9. Begin 2019 Purge of Clutter
  10. Read/Listen to 6 Books
  11. Florida School of Holistic Health Classes
  12. Wine Spectator Course
  13. Celebrate 2 Silly Holidays
  14. Family Valentine’s Date Night
  15. 15 Christmas Movies (Currently at 5)
  16. Look at Christmas Lights
  17. Create a Family and Personal Vision Board
  18. Indoor Campout
  19. Make Fireplace S’mores
  20. Donate Addie’s Santa Bag Items





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