Fall 2018 Bucket List Update

Our Fall 2018 has been FULL in the most real, real, way. We have had a blast, been exhausted, and reminded ourselves over and over that “this is life and no one gets second chances,” and that we want to always be people who “choose the bigger life.”

Fall is always crazy, but this year has K.R.A.Z.Y with a capital K!

Fall 2018 Bucket List:

  1. Celebrate Addie’s 5th Birthday– DONE!
  2. Paint Pumpkins— DONE!
  3. Go to Disney World—DONE!
  4. Explore 2 new states—-One not two, so 1/2 way!
  5. Go Trick or Treating— DONE!
  6. Decorate for Fall—DONE!!
  7. Make homemade Fall Decorations—DONE!!
  8. Create a Thanksgiving Tree– Maybe next year…
  9. Finish the Thanksgiving Tablecloth— Well, instead of having an hand embroidered one, I am lowering the bar and going to use fabric pens this year!?!
  10. 3rd Annual Friends Giving “C-theme this year”- COUNTRY COOKING, DONE!!!
  11. Light a Sky Lantern—UGH…why haven’t I done this yet?!?
  12. Go to A Harvest Festival– Ryder’s Ball Fall Festival
  13. Take Family Pictures– DONE!!!
  14. Go to the Fair— DONE (with Gigi and G-PA)!!!
  15. Read/Listen to 6 Books— DONE!!! (Girl, Wash Your Face, The Secret of Happy Families, The Lagom Way, Present Over Perfect, The Achievement Habit, Body Love, The Year of Less, 30-Day Challenges
  16. Get to GOAL WEIGHT!!!!—5 to 10 pounds away…but going in the wrong directions due to the holidays
  17. Holistic Health Lesson– NOPE.
  18. Finish Christmas Shopping–DONE (minus one or two items).
  19. Cornmaze– NOPE.
  20. Udemy Lesson—NOPE.
  21. Relentless pursuit of goals!—Well, this one will continue to be on going, right?!? Life has been a bit crazy with Waring’s school schedule and my recent job change/promotion at work so we are always striving and reaching…but there are always more items to check off.
  22. l1l2l3l4l5l6l7l8l12

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