2018 Bucket List: Year End Review

2018, you did NOT disappoint. Here a just a few things that happened that were not on the bucket list:

  • We welcomed Eleanor into the world, home, and our hearts.
  • I saw an all time new number on the scale before Eleanor arrived, but I lost it all again within a few months (whew…).
  • Addie turned F I V E!
  • Addie had her 1st piano recital and started taking dance lessons again.
  • We put up a pool!
  • Addie graduated Pre-K 3 from Countryside.
  • Waring and I celebrated 9 years of marriage a week after Ella was born.
  • I was given the amazing opportunity to transition into the role of Instructional Supervisor at the best high school ever (AKA SEHS).
  • Waring finished all of his school counseling coursework and was accepted into his internship at a local high school.
  • We booked an international trip for 2019 (Spring Break in Spain!
  • I set a bucket list goal to see 2 new states…but hit five total and booked a February trip to see more!


  • And now for the bucket list update:
    1. Try Float Therapy at Remedy Float in Savannah. This ancient technique has been around for a while, but it involves resting in a water chamber that is filled with one thousands pounds of salt so that it is IMPOSSIBLE to sink. You float in darkness and with complete sensory deprivation. It is supposed to be incredibly relaxing and safe for pregnant women!—-CHECK!!! This experience was AHHH-mazing! February 2018=Self-love in a (salty) tub!
    2. Learn about and try soaping. I have always been interesting in making my own soap and bath products. This year I am going to take a class in Jacksonville from the Studios at Florida School of Holistic Health. In progress: currently we have made lip plumper, lip sticks, all-natural baby care products, and herbal tea blending. AJ and I both have year memberships which expire in February. We didn’t get to go to as many as we would have liked…but there is still a bit more time!
    3. Light a Sky Lantern. NO!!! Why didn’t we do this? I have these….but have never lit them!
    4. Visit 2 New States. I visited Michigan and Colorado last year….so onward to state 39 and 40 this year at least!—CHECK!!! We accomplished this goal in a BIG way on a 4 day road trip. We traveled 31 hours in a car for 2100 miles so that I could mark off not two, but FOUR more states! We went to Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas! Whoo hoo….8 more to go!–October 2018: Checked off Wisconsin as well! (Only 7 more to go!)
    5. Create a back porch haven. We recently had a concrete slab poured for our back patio. I can’t wait until the covering is built over the next few weeks and we get to start creating a backyard sanctuary complete with our new grill that Waring’s parent’s bought us for Christmas!—Mid-year update: Aluminum Awning is going up THIS WEEK (July)! Pictures and proper documentation will come soon!–Purchased furniture, a rug, and pillows this week. It is officially coming together. Ella LOVES outside, so I see a lot of back patio sitting in our future. The porch is furnished, but it needs a little TLC and some decor to truly become an oasis. 
    6. Have a healthy labor and baby. Our last labor experience was a bit of a surprise followed by the scariest days of my and Waring’s lives. We are praying for a bit smoother delivery and a healthy baby and mama!—Mid-year update: Eleanor was born on 6-20-2018. We are so in love and have a healthy little girl. Birth story to be posted soon!–She is 6 months now and 100% squishy adorableness. 
    7. Go to Harry Potter World. This has been on the list for a while….at some point it may happen. Okay, so I didn’t do this…again. BUT, guess who is the administrator attending Gradbash this year? This girl! So 2019, look out!
    8. Prepare the house and the nursery for Baby Harvey #2The future nursery of Harvey Baby #2 is currently our Christmas gift wrapping center/guest room. Now I just need to find out the gender, clean out the room, and search Pinterest for hours.  Just bought the CRIB and some decor! —UPDATE: NURSERY…DONE!
    9. Spring clean before baby. Christmas break normally starts part 1 of my two part spring cleaning, but it has only been completed half-heartedly this year in light of all the busyness we have had. COMPLETED DURING SPRING BREAK!–and more during Christmas break. Honestly, is this ever really done?
    10. Start (and keep) Journaling during Quiet Time. I am notoriously inconsistent with journaling of any kind…but I do find it beneficial. I am off to a good start, now I just need to be STEADFAST. Year end: I wish I could say that I had stayed the course with this one, but with our opposite work schedules and Ella’s late night parties this didn’t happen as frequently at the end of the year as it did in the beginning. 
    11. Take a Blue Ridge escape. Pick a weekend and go! UPDATE: I am officially unable to travel now that I am well into the third trimester, but I think that this Blue Ridge trip will be the perfect fall adventure. Mid-year update: Planning a trip for August to go apple picking!–UPDATE: DONE!!!
    12. Buy a fancy purse. I have been eyeing several lately but I just can’t pull the trigger…..  Well, I haven’t bought a fancy purse yet, but I did buy one pretty sweet looking Kate Spade Backpack to use as Eleanor’s Diaper Bag! Plus, Mariah and I have found the Kate Spade Outlet in Hilton Head Island, SC….so we may start making more frequent visits! Ha! UPDATE: DONE!!! Beautiful and red and I picked it out all by myself with birthday money….so much fun! Year End: My sister and brother in law bought me the perfect gray owl Kate Spade tote that I love for Christmas. YAY!
    13. Find and STICK to a skin care routineI started researching this last year, but fell a bit short in the execution. Currently loving the Ordinary Skin Care Line from Deciem. Affordable and effective…what is not to love?! April update: I am on my second order of the Ordinary Skin Care. I am in love. My skin feels great and I am branching out to a few more products. So far so good! Year end: Still loving this line. It is so affordable and when I use it consistently my skin feels amazing!
    14. Use Fly-Lady Routines and complete a 30 day Declutter Challenge. I have done Year end: HAHAHAHA um nope!
    15. Start an herb garden. Don’t hate me…but I am not a huge fan of basil. I am kind of obsessed with cilantro, tarragon, and dill though. I love the idea of growing herbs because they don’t take up much space. CHECK! March 2017: Currently growing thyme, mint, and lavender in the kitchen. I can’t wait to take a few pinches off each plant and put them to good use. Right now I am just admiring their beauty! Year end: They died. Next year maybe I should restate the goal to read start AND KEEP an herb garden.
    16. Cook at least one new recipe each month and post pictures of the progress. I don’t know about you, but it seems like we cook the same meals over and over for dinner and it just gets BORING! This year we have deer meat, tons of locally caught shrimp, and frozen fresh picked tomatoes to experiment with for dinner! January: Inside Low Country Boil, Honey Garlic Lime Shrimp, February: Homemade Caesar Dressing, March: Cajun Sausage Skillet, Broccoli Quinoa with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette, Eggroll Bowl, Overnight Oats, Tuna Pasta Salad, Asian Chicken Stirfry. Year end: Okay, so there were no pictures and most of the items were super easy to make, but having this goal did help me to be at least a little bit more intentional. The return from maternity leave saw a sharpe decline of cooking in any form or fashion.


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