2017 Word of The Year: EMBRACE


Last year I chose a word to be the semantic focal point of my year. I tossed around several ideas in my head, such as strive and intentional but they all seemed a bit too me, if that makes sense. You see, those words already play into my list-making, type-A, high-strung, restless, obsessive, over-achieving nature. I needed a word that would remind me to slow down, enjoy the mundane, and find joy in the everyday that is life between bucket list tasks and adventures. For me, packing as much as humanly possible into a long weekend or crossing off to-do list tasks comes naturally, but being empathetic, and remembering to slow down is all but foreign to me.

With the word EMBRACE I had a constant reminder about the commitment that I wanted to make in choosing to enjoy each moment for the gift that it was, whether that may be blessing my home and family through spring cleaning, or having a lazy weekend with Addie and Waring on the couch. I wanted to embrace life in all of its various forms and remember to slow down just a little bit. There will always be another list to make and items to cross off, by these moments with my family are fleeting.

The word EMBRACE was a wonderful gift. I will carry it around with me always. It may seem silly to some, but whenever I hear this word it feels personal to me…like a secret gift given to me by God…or an inside secret that only we know about. I love this idea of a word of the year. I think it will be a new tradition….oh and I do love traditions!

PS: Thanks for Christine for the wonderful word art!

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