Letters to Addie: Bathroom Sink Conversations

Sweet Addie Faye,

You both broke and melted my heart tonight. After you went to the restroom you reminded me that we needed to wash our hands. We walked up to the sink and you said, “I can’t reach.” I told you that you were almost there, and you said “almost, but not yet.” I told you that it was okay that you couldn’t reach because I didn’t want you to grow up. You replied, “yes, but I need to grow up.” I asked you if you wanted to grow up, and you said “yes, I want to be big like you so that I can see you and talk to you.” Wow. My heart is in a million pieces. I love that you are putting it all together. The things and ideas that come out of your head and mouth amaze me each day. I can’t wait to see the woman that you will grow into, but I also want to freeze this very moment as you are snoring on the couch next to me.




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