How To Be A Fun Mom…Or At Least Not Boring 100% of the Time

Sometimes in life you just have to hunker down and wash the dishes. No, those clothes will not fold themselves no matter how long you wait for the laundry fairy to come. I don’t know about you, but at least at our house, we are in constant cycle of making and cleaning up our messes each week. Here is pretty much how it goes. Sunday….Ahh clean the house before small group gets here. Monday….man it sure is nice to come home to a clean house. Tuesday….hmm should I was clothes tonight? Wednesday….let pick up a little or maybe watch Netflix instead. Thursday…I wish it were Friday. Friday….PARTY. Saturday…PAAARTY. Sunday…AHHHH small group is coming MUST CLEAN EVERYTHING.

With the constant and continuous flow of activity throughout the week it can be exhausting just to keep up, let alone trying to be a “fun” mom. Then I look at pictures like this one below, and I remember how fast she is growing. Pretty soon it won’t matter if I am fun or not because her friends will be like waaay cooler  than me.

As I am literally about to fall sleep over this keyboard, I pray tonight that God will give me the energy to be the mom who says yes to tickle tackles, one more bedtime book/song/story, exploring the back yard on leaf hunts, serving tea for two in the bathtub, coloring one more picture, and staying up for one last bedtime snack. I want to say yes more  each day than I say no. Yes is such a small word that opens the door to amazing opportunity. There are instances each day when no has to be the answer (no, you can’t swing from the countertops/cabinets or ride our chihuahua like a horsie), but help me to remember to let her be little. Help me to remember to have fun. She is so much fun. I want to be like her when I grow up.



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