Mother-Daughter Bucket List

mommy daughter bucket list

T-minus nine school days left until Summer! My students this year have been great, and my school is fantastic, but I am still looking forward to Summer Break more than I ever have. I am looking forward to sleepy, pajama-filled days, picnics, swimming in the pool, and adventures with Mom, AJ, and Addie.


All this daydreaming about Summertime fun has got me thinking about what excitement Addie and I have to look forward to in the years to come. I don’t want to waste any of this previous time that God has given me with my sweet girl, so of course I have made a list. The best part about this list is that very soon I will have lots of help adding ideas to this list as I get to know Addie and her personality.

mommy 2

Here’s what we have so far:

1. Take pics in my wedding dress

2. Throw a tea party

3. Plant a garden

4. Make a livingroom fort out of sheets and blankets

5. Bake holiday cookies

6. Pick blueberries

7. Have breakfast in bed

8. Go on a movie date

9. Stay in our PJs all day

10. Fly a kite

11. Spa night at home

12.  Shop for prom dresses

13. Plan her wedding

14. Summer Camp Fun

15. Visit the zoo

16. Visit an aquarium

17. Cook dinner together

18. Craft night

19. Make a sand castle

20. Pray nightly

21. Read together

22. Visit the library

23. See a play

24. See a ballet

25. Go yard saling


****This is a work in progress. What else should we add?

mommy 4

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