Lessons From the Road


Sometimes it takes getting back to your own zip code to be able to clearly reflect upon the journey. While traveling through California we saw a lot and ate a lot, but looking back I also learned a lot.

#1: I love to travel,but I am a small town kinda gal. Don’t get me wrong, I love San Fancisco but I am much happier exploring smaller towns like Monterey, Carmel, or even Portland.


#2: I love family owned establishments. Nothing warms by heart like a mom-pop restaurant where they truly take pride in their trade and make sure the you are enjoying your time with them.

2014-06-06 14.36.55 HDR

#3 Home rentals are the way to go! Whether you use VRBO, Homeaway, or AirBnB, rental spaces are the way to go for vacations. We stayed in four different places over seven nights! Each place we stayed was unique. rentals give you the conveniences of home, such as a washer and dryer, full kitchen, and more space to move around. With a 7 month old baby in tow it was great to have the luxuries of home wherever we stayed. The added bonus is that you always get to feel like a local and the owners take care to personalize your stay and offer advice!

2014-06-03 15.02.09 HDR

#4 It is just stuff….On one of our flights we accidentally left Addie’s bag of toys on the plane. Since our flight was the last one of the night for our plane the United workers told us to come back when we departed from the airport a few days later and we could pick up the bag then because the mechanics were available to open the plane back up that night. When we arrive back at the airport we secured the toy bag from the United desk, but it was missing 3 of her toys, a necklace we had bought her in Yosemite, and our iphone power cord. I could have screamed when we I got that bag back! How could you steal toys from a baby? Really!? And to know that it was one of the workers because they were the only ones on the plane make it that much worse!!! In retrospect, however, I know that a few toys is nothing compared to the riches that I already have in my family, friends, and little girl. I am truly blessed beyond measure, and no stuff lost, stolen, or otherwise could ever change that.

#5 Good friends are hard to come by, but when you do they are priceless! We were so lucky to be able to travel with some of our very best friends, Justin and Meredith. They are so easy going and great with Addie. We made memories that we will remember for a long time to come!



2 thoughts on “Lessons From the Road

  1. This is going to sound really dumb, I’m sure…but it looks like it was chilly there? I figured California would be warm all the time. Especially considering how hot it is here right now. Shows how much I understand about geography! And yes, it’s really sad that this is my comment on this blog! ha!

    I can’t believe someone stole toys from Addie! I would be really mad, too! But you are right that it’s just stuff.

    Looks like y’all had a great time! 🙂 Can’t wait to hang out soon and hear more about it!

    1. Yes! We do need to hang out soon. About the weather, something about the vacuum effect from the bay across to the valley of central California causes San Fran to be colder than surrounding areas. Monterey and big Sur areas were colder than we expected them to be, but it was windy and raining while we were there. Where we were in Monterey is the east coast equivalent of being in NC or VA. When we got to Yosemite and Portland it was actually 80 and above!!!

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