Another Bucket List Item Bites the Dust!



I hate running. I REALLY LOATHE IT, but we did it. Hubby, baby, Justin, Meredith, and I ran our first 10k this weekend! I never really thought that I would be able to run 6miles….without…stopping…. 


This past weekend was pretty much perfect. We surprised our friends in Columbia again (they are just too fun to surprise…) by coming up to see them and their brand spanking new little boy for the weekend. We rented our home away from home on Lake Murray, ran a 10k, and got to hold Audra and Drew’s little peanut, Samuel. And even though we were surprising them, I got a cookie cake and a fun birthday present from the new parents.Image

I am so blessed to have such loving friends who would remember my birthday in the midst of their own celebration, and friends who are willing to run for miles week after week to help me cross a goal off of my bucket list. 

This running journey has taught me a lot about myself in the process. For me, a lot of my struggle running is my mind. If I can get outside of myself and focus on the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement I can make it much farther that I ever thought possible. I think my struggles with running parallels my relationship with Christ. Sometimes I am so consumed in the struggle and mess of every day life. If I focused on the presence of the holy spirit and Christ’s hand in my life I would be able to accomplish so much for for HIM. 

This week I will celebrate the accomplishments of the past weekend, but keep my eyes looking forward to the future! 

2 thoughts on “Another Bucket List Item Bites the Dust!

  1. You guys are really inspiring. In a theoretical way. You haven’t really inspired me to run. But I think it’s awesome that you do it! 😉

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