Waiting on Eleanor….

waiting 2Eleanor is already showing that she is VERY different than her sister. Addie surprised us all unexpectedly a month early and made sure her that all eyes stayed on her as we watched nurses and doctors show her special attention and around the clock care for the first eight days of her life! Addie came out with a BANG and we have been entertained by her spirited self for the past four years!


img_6376beach 2

Time will reveal Eleanor’s special character, however if her personality is anything like her time in the womb she will be much more laid back and reserved! I can feel her movements in my belly, but she is content to stay in one location and hang out much more than Addie ever did, and she seems much more content to stay in her safe place rather than explore life outside of the womb!

Sorry baby girl, but I am personally serving you an eviction notice via a pitocin drip on Thursday. We are all ready to meet you!




Summer Bucket List 2018: Blueberries, Blue Water, Movies, and MORE!

This weekend marks Addie’s last weekend as an only child! We are so excited to meet Eleanor, but we are also trying to soak up as much one on one time with this little girl as possible! Here’s just a bit of what we have been able to accomplish this week from the Summer 2018 Bucket List…and a few more bonus fun activities.

On the Summer 2018 Bucket List:

  1. Blueberry picking in Granny’s backyard (in PJs because…why not!?)june2018-9


2. Go to the Movies: We saw two movies in two days (Ferdinand with Granny Layne and Gigi and Incredibles with Daddy).


Bonus Items:

  1. Addie got her ears pierced!!!!june2018-2


2. Spa Night #2 (just because we can…)


3. Saturday Family Day= Fun in the Sun Day at Home Day!


Now, come on Baby Eleanor so we can meet you and have twice the fun!

Summer So Far… Tomatoes, Bananas, & Spa Nights

Tomorrow marks my last day at work before Summer break/ Maternity leave! With Ella sure to make her grand appearance soon, Addie and I have been napping each afternoon and then trying to make the most of our evenings with some Summer Bucket List items!


Summer Bucket List 2018

1: Make-overs and Spa Night

-Addie loves to play dress up and we both love to get pampered! Look at all of of fun.


2. Tomato Sandwiches

-We went to Polk’s Plus to get some fresh tomatoes and then made some sandwiches right on the spot!


Bonus Item:

-My parents invited us to a Savannah Bananas Game. I am not sure if Addie actually watched any of the action on the field, but she had a lot of fun!


Mommy Milestone: Pre-K Graduation

Parenthood is rough stuff. It is pretty much like ripping your heart out repeatedly…. How did Addie get big enough to graduate pre-k?!? Well, technically this was Pre-K 3, but I still can’t believe it. She will be coming to school with me for full day Pre-K next year. I worried about how she would make the transition to Pre-K 3 this year, but she did a great job. Her teachers really nurtured her inquisitive spirit and encouraged her to be herself. She made some great friends and really enjoyed learning this year alongside Ms. Michelle and Ms. Katie. Her award this school year was Star Student!





Summer Bucket List: 2018 Edition

Welcome Summer!


Do you know what I love about our Summer Bucket Lists? They are predictable, they are familiar, and they are fun! While I love experiencing all things novel and new, and I also love creating and keeping family traditions. This Summer will certainly be eventful as we welcome Eleanor home….here are just a few things that I hope we can accomplish as a family.

  1. Paint character rocks
  2. Pick blueberries
  3. Take newborn photos
  4. Go to Virginia
  5. Eat LOTS of fresh tomato and bacon sandwiches
  6. Swim lessons for Addie
  7. Create Year 9 Photobook
  8. Plan 2018 – 2019 Trips (Fall break, Christmas, Spring Break, & Summer)
  9. Paint pottery
  10. Tye dye
  11. Make stepping stones
  12. Go see a matinee
  13. Create a girl’s-only spa night
  14. Go to tea with Addie
  15. Make homemade pizza
  16. Celebrate 9 years of marriage
  17. Go new school clothes shopping with Addie
  18. Throw an End-of-Summer & Beginning-of-School Adventure Night
  19. Have a labor party to welcome Eleanor and get back to goal weight
  20. Light a sky lantern

Life Lately….

Life has been complicated, busy, tiring, and lots of emotions in between here lately. Between 3rd trimester, testing season, and ending the school year, I haven’t had very much free time or R & R. Although this seems like a short season of sacrifice I am, and continue to be thankful for family and friends who continue to love on and support me. Here is just a little bit of what we have been up to….

  1. Painting, sight words, and piano practice with Addie and Mommy nights while Dad is working….
  2. TESTING with my most-bestest-testing-friend!!!!
  3. Prepping Eleanor’s room for her big arrival
  4. Slip-n-sliding
  5. Friend Babyshower with Tea at Gryphon
  6. Ella in Wonderland-themed shower with family and friends
  7. Addie’s first piano recital
  8. Addie & Daddy Fridays…with fishing!
  9. Funtimes in the mud at Granny Mary’s

Now, onward to Summer and lots of new adventures with Waring, Addie, and Eleanor!