Summer Bucket List 2019

  1. Pick Tomatoes and have sandwiches
  2. Pick Blueberries
  3. Make three foods from Disney Princess Cook Book
  4. Character Rocks
  5. Ella’s Birthday and 1 Year Pictures
  6. Year 10 Photobook
  7. Plan Fall Travel
  8. Celebrate 10 Years of Marriage
  9. Paint Pottery
  10. Backyard campout
  11. Pool Party
  12. Go to the movies
  13. Spanish Night at Home
  14. Go to tea
  15. Make homemade pizza
  16. School clothes shopping
  17. Launch a sky lantern
  18. Go to Blue Ridge
  19. Go Zorbing
  20. Take an ariel arts class
  21. Celebrate Granny Faye’s 80th birthday
  22. Go to the water park
  23. Have a game night
  24. Bucket List Prints
  25. Create a back porch oasis
  26. Create a family recipe book
  27. Update will and create a savings account for Ella
  28. Wine 101 course
  29. Display Tea Cups
  30. Cupping massage
  31. Library Kickoff and Summer reading challenge
  32. Date Night
  33. Make snow cones
  34. Back to school dinner

character rocks


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