Winter Bucket List 2018-2019

A new season will be upon us shortly, which means… a new seasonal bucket list! Here’s what is (hopefully) coming up over the next few months:


  1. Set up an Advent Calendar
  2. Make Christmas Treats
  3. Decorate Gingerbread Houses
  4. Make Footprint Canvases
  5. tell the True Story of Christmas to Addie and Ella
  6. Celebrate New Years and Make Some New Traditions
  7. Post my 2019 Bucket List and Words
  8. Make Word/Affirmation Bracelets
  9. Begin 2019 Purge of Clutter
  10. Read/Listen to 6 Books
  11. Florida School of Holistic Health Classes
  12. Wine Spectator Course
  13. Celebrate 2 Silly Holidays
  14. Family Valentine’s Date Night
  15. 15 Christmas Movies (Currently at 5)
  16. Look at Christmas Lights
  17. Create a Family and Personal Vision Board
  18. Indoor Campout
  19. Make Fireplace S’mores
  20. Donate Addie’s Santa Bag Items





Fall 2018 Bucket List Update

Our Fall 2018 has been FULL in the most real, real, way. We have had a blast, been exhausted, and reminded ourselves over and over that “this is life and no one gets second chances,” and that we want to always be people who “choose the bigger life.”

Fall is always crazy, but this year has K.R.A.Z.Y with a capital K!

Fall 2018 Bucket List:

  1. Celebrate Addie’s 5th Birthday– DONE!
  2. Paint Pumpkins— DONE!
  3. Go to Disney World—DONE!
  4. Explore 2 new states—-One not two, so 1/2 way!
  5. Go Trick or Treating— DONE!
  6. Decorate for Fall—DONE!!
  7. Make homemade Fall Decorations—DONE!!
  8. Create a Thanksgiving Tree– Maybe next year…
  9. Finish the Thanksgiving Tablecloth— Well, instead of having an hand embroidered one, I am lowering the bar and going to use fabric pens this year!?!
  10. 3rd Annual Friends Giving “C-theme this year”- COUNTRY COOKING, DONE!!!
  11. Light a Sky Lantern—UGH…why haven’t I done this yet?!?
  12. Go to A Harvest Festival– Ryder’s Ball Fall Festival
  13. Take Family Pictures– DONE!!!
  14. Go to the Fair— DONE (with Gigi and G-PA)!!!
  15. Read/Listen to 6 Books— DONE!!! (Girl, Wash Your Face, The Secret of Happy Families, The Lagom Way, Present Over Perfect, The Achievement Habit, Body Love, The Year of Less, 30-Day Challenges
  16. Get to GOAL WEIGHT!!!!—5 to 10 pounds away…but going in the wrong directions due to the holidays
  17. Holistic Health Lesson– NOPE.
  18. Finish Christmas Shopping–DONE (minus one or two items).
  19. Cornmaze– NOPE.
  20. Udemy Lesson—NOPE.
  21. Relentless pursuit of goals!—Well, this one will continue to be on going, right?!? Life has been a bit crazy with Waring’s school schedule and my recent job change/promotion at work so we are always striving and reaching…but there are always more items to check off.
  22. l1l2l3l4l5l6l7l8l12

Wisconsin: Another State Bites the Dust

In pursuit of this hair-brained scheme, 4 generations of women set out this weekend to explore some new territory. We managed to have a great time, but this trip certainly was not without its challenges. I started out the week a stomach bug from you know where, followed by my mom who had to have two different types of antibiotics in order to get over her junk. But wait, there’s more…when he did finally arrive in Minnesota Addie came down with a 102 degree fever. So, we got to have a tour of the the wonderful Edina Urgent Care Center and local CVS pharmacy.

We were finally able to get Addie well and managed to keep anyone else from getting sick in order to make the most of the time on our trip. Here are a few of our highlights:

  1. Lunch at the American Doll Bistro
  2. Exploration of the Mall of America
  3. Fall Foliage River Cruise
  4. Hudson, Wisconsin and Stillwater, Minnesota downtown shopping
  5. And of course, Addie’s favorite, playing cards in the hotel and swimming in the hot tub pool and hot tub

We had a great time. 43 states down and 7 left to go!


Choose the Bigger Life: Fall Break 2018 Plans

I LOVE Fall Break…and I love that the hurricanes have stayed far enough away from us this year so that we actually get to keep those off days to have some adventures!

Most of you know that I have a quest to visit all 50 states and I currently have EIGHT more states to go! For Fall Break this year I am going to get to knock off two move states and Ella gets to take her first-ever plane trip!

Here’s the plan:

-Saturday: Minneapolis,  Minnesota

-Sunday: Fargo, North Dakota (State 43 for me!)

-Monday: Ellsworth, Wisconsin (State 44 for me!)

-Tuesday: Back home!!

Mid-west Fall Break here we come!

Fall Bucket List Item #6: Decorate for Fall

Fall is upon us once again and so despite the craziness of life….a bit of decorating is a must. This year Addie is old enough to help get out our one little orange rubber maid. Honestly, I like that we put out the same predictable decorations each year (a few are listed below). While I love whimsy and novelty, I also find joy in routine and tradition. I like that we don’t have box after box of complicated decor. We have one box. We put out the same items year after year with little deviation or addition.

Traditions bring a sense of richness to life that I love to share with my girls and husband. I love this little tradition so much that I think I may start doing the same with one box of items for Easter/Spring as well as Summer.