Birthday Adventures in Asheville






Our very dear friends, Justin and Meredith, are givers. They truly have a servant’s heart and desire to show Christ’s love through acts of kindness and service. We love them and are thankful for their impact on our lives as a family. To celebrate them and the milestone, three decades of life on this earth, that they are turning we went to Asheville to celebrate!

Because I am a crazy list-making, travel-planning nerd the details of the weekend were planned out in or to maximize the fun! We could not have pulled off such a fun-filled weekend had it not been for the other couple you see in the picture above, the Edwards. They (and their two little boys) truly brought such a great spirit of fun to the weekend! Audra helped find a service activity for us to do in Asheville that was totally Justin and Meredith, called 12 Baskets Cafe.


Let’s recap: mountain life, campfire, s’mores, hiking, waterfalls, low country boil, cookies AND cake,  acts of service, three cute kids,  long talks with friends, new experiences in a fun city = SO MUCH FUN! Thank you Justin and Meredith for having a birthday so that we could celebrate!



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