2016 Bucket List: Year End Review

2016 was am amazing year, and we are excited for more adventures in 2017. Thank you, Jesus for your provision, sacrifice, and blessing!


  1. Get a Henna Tattoo Got this one crossed off at DISNEY WORLD. Yes folks, it will happen this Summer. –Check: Summer Family Vacation 6/2016
  2. Have Mermaid Hair (Dye it a crazy color) I was able to get mermaid hair (purple and blue just in time for DISNEY)! 
  3. Plant Hydrangeas and Bougainvillea Partially complete. Some beautiful pink and blue hydrangeas have been planted outside the bedroom door. Now we just need to find the perfect spot for the bougainvillea. 
  4. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride Dad and I completed this bucket list adventure. It was so peaceful floating in they sky…. but we almost landed in an orange grove!
  5. Make a Will Ok….this was on the bucket list last year. Now that the house has been built we have no excuse. DONE!!! 8/25
  6. Attend a Stargazing Event (maybe next year…)
  7. Visit 1 New Country (sigh…maybe next year…)
  8. Visit 2 New States Done and Done! For Spring Break we visited several states. The two news ones for me that we were able to explore were Vermont and Rhode Island. I absolutely love all things New England! Current state count: 36.
  9. Visit Disney for 25 Days We ended up spending a grand total of 22 days at Disney…and we renewed for next year. Whoo-hoo, I call this bucket list task a win!
  10. Start A Habit: Consistent Daily Devotionals Currently I am doing a short one each morning, but I would like to incorporate a few more in-depth studies. 
  11. Reach Goal Weight I am trying…..ok I could probably be trying a bit harder. I guess that there is always next year.
  12. SCUBA New Place (maybe next year…)
  13. Start Composting I acquired a composter, but unfortunately that is as far as I got. 
  14. Emergency Preparedness Kit: We have a sawyer water filter, some backpacks, flashlights, fire starters, and non-perishables, but that is just a start. Now that we have a true outage experience from Hurricane Matthew we have a real-life experience to draw upon as we think about future preparedness. 
  15. Grow a Garden We have paired down the garden plans this year because we need to focus on several other projects around the yard. We do have some tomatoes and peppers growing currently. 
  16. Read Entire Bible (still reading, still growing, the bucket list task is never complete). 
  17. Attend the Highland Games Check! We went to the local games in Savannah. It was fun to try some Scottish cuisine. 
  18. Attend a Renaissance Festival (maybe next year…)
  19. Go to the Trampoline Park Done!
  20. Quit Coke….hahaha this wasn’t even closer. I am trying to stay away from the fully-leaded ones, but I am just not sure that I actually want to quit bad enough. 
  21. Take a Declutter Challenge! Done and done! Just had a yard sale this past weekend. It feels great to be a little bit lighter…now onward to buy more stuff (just kidding…).
  22. Swim with Dolphins (I just can’t get over the price tag for this experience…)
  23. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (nope). 
  24. Sleep in a Tree House (maybe next year…)

Stay tuned for more adventures and bucket list ramblings in 2017.

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