Fall Bucket List: 2016 Edition

Summer was so fun with our season-specific list of things to do that I think we just HAVE to create another fun-filled bucket list or this Fall! Here are some of the things that we will be up to in the new few months:

2013-10-06 12.26.04

  1. Attend Disney’s Food and Wine Festival
  2. Go for 25 days total at Disney this year (making the most of that Annual Pass)
  3. Go camping
  4. Go to the mountains (any mountains will do…)
  5. Pumpkin carving
  6. Decorate the house with Addie’s old Halloween Photos (I read a book that mentioned each year decorating for Halloween with photos of past costumes and fun. I love the idea!!!)
  7. Make s’mores
  8. Make a thankful tree (similar to the Advent calendars that are hands-on for kids)
  9. Finish my thankful tablecloth prior to Thanksgiving this year (Every year family members sign the tablecloth and I embroider over their messages during the rest of the year. This will be year number 3 of this tradition and I love how precious of a keepsake that this is becoming).
  10. Go to a Fall Festival
  11. Take 3 year photos
  12. Host a Fall baking night
  13. Celebrate Addie’s Day (birthday #3)
  14. Conduct a birthday interview with Addie (yearly tradition)
  15. Host Friends-giving
  16. Buy (at least one) special Fall decoration
  17. Go to a corn maze
  18. Go see a drive-in movie
  19. Go to an Octoberfest
  20. Build a fire

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