That Paid Off Feeling….

We bought my Outlander in 2012 in anticipation of growing a family within the near future. My previous car had been a Scion TC (read: very, very small). I loved that car because it was blue (my favorite car color) and cute and sporty. But….for all that is was, it was not a baby-mobile. So, we traded in my midnight blue TC for a sky blue Outlander.

Years later, the new vehicle has certainly served its purpose. It has hauled our little girl home from the hospital, carried me safety to and from work in Savannah each day, and taken our family on many, many trips. As happy as I was when we bought the outlander, I have never been happier with the SUV than today. You see today we made the last payment on the car! This is one exciting step on our debt-free journey, and I will tell you it feels great!

We still have a way to go and there will always be hiccups along the way, but to see progress, to gain some momentum….that feels oh so sweet!

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