Spring Break 2016: Expedition New England & Montreal

Once again this year, the Vinton’s and Harvey’s braved uncharted territories and faced perilous times all for the sake of chasing the next adventure. No….I we did not explore the remote areas of the Amazon. What we did was much, much more dangerous. We took  a TWO YEAR OLD on over a 1,000 mile road trip and four plane rides in one week. Yes, we are crazy!

We certainly had many adventures (and misadventures) along the way. Here are just a few snapshots to highlight some of the memories we made.

I am so thankful for good friends and good times! Thank you Lord for blessing us with a sweet (and sometimes crazy) little girl, and such fun (and sometimes crazy) friends!

Here are some highlights from the trip:

-Driving to the very tip of the Cape & collecting sea shells

-Watching whales breach near Providencetown, MA

-Exploring Vermont’s Agrotourism (cheese and chocolate tasting, and touring a cider mill)

-Ben & Jerry’s!

-MIT Museum, Sam Adams Brewery tour, & the Boston Aquarium

-Riding the ducks in Rhode Island

-Addie seeing SNOW for the first time

-Hearing FRENCH all aroumd us in Montreal

-Montreal’s AMAZING food scene

-Authentic Sugar Shack dinner in Montreal, complete with maple snow taffy



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