Saturdays With Addie: A Little Retail Therapy

Can you believe that there are only 940 Saturdays in each child’s life? Yep, the days a certainly long, but oh how the years are fast! While every Saturday will include bucket-list fulfilling activities, they will be priceless moments for our family. I don’t want to forget even one of them! So here goes…

I had a work obligation during the early part of the morning on Saturday, but after lunch I was able to meet up with Addie and the Hubby at the outlets. No, we didn’t have a massive to-do or to-get list. We just strolled, browsed, went to the candy store, and played on the play ground. We then hit up the ole faithful Mexican restaurant in town, and then headed home for an early evening in house. All in all we had no earth-shattering, ground-breaking adventure. But we did have fun!





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