2013 Year in Review


Lots of new experiences, a new job, and a new baby!

Hubby and I welcomed in 2013 in West Palm Beach, FL. We spent our time in Florida SCUBA DIVING and DEEP SEA FISHING!


January started the year off with a bang! My favorite teaching buddy from the high school that I taught at went SKY DIVING!

February and March were very busy with work trips and planning for CROWN JEWEL CONFERENCE. I saw my first OPERA!

In the month of April, Hubby and I both celebrated our Birthdays and we told the world that we were EXPECTING!

Pregnancy Annoucement Egg

May, June, and July Hubby and I were both blessed to be a part of three beautiful weddings for some of our very best Friends! During the Summer we also found out the Baby Harvey would be a GIRL and I accepted a new job at the first every STEM Magnet Middle School in our area! Waring and I also found time to go on a BABYMOON to ALASKA!

Mendenhall Glacier
Mendenhall Glacier

August marked the beginning of the School year and a brand new start at a new school! Waring and I stayed up late to watch a meteor shower!

September and October were very busy, but we still managed to go on an APPLE PICKING ADVENTURE with two other sweet couples! I also got to complete my first ever COLOR RUN 5K and Addie had THREE awesome BABY SHOWERS!

2013-08-17 08.52.14

November started off very exciting! On November 3rd ADELINE entered the world four weeks before her estimated due date!

2013-11-03 17.13.13

December has been sweeter than ever before as we get to cuddle with our sweet little girl and celebrate the holidays with our family and friends.




1. Sleep in a Tree House (man…I wish this could have been accomplished…)

2. Go to an Epic Concert (Red Hot Chili Peppers at Music Midtown Festival=rainy and crowded, but still accomplished!)

3. Learn about bee keeping (I had intended on attending an outdoor seminar during the spring, however it was raining to hard. I like to sleep in when it is raining…doesn’t everyone?)

4. Write a book (for baby when he/she arrives)…..does a photobook count 😦

5. Got to Alabama (amazingly enough I didn’t make it to any of these states because our girl friend trip was cancelled…boo. There is always next year!)

6. Go to Louisiana

7. Go to Mississippi

8. Read Ten Books  (I think the final count ended up being around 15)

9. Learn 7 Constellations (currently I can spot the big dipper/little dipper/Ursa major and minor, and Orion)

10. Watch a Meteor Shower (Watched the Perseid’s Shower in August)

11. Read the ENTIRE Bible (I have been pretty good at sticking to my devotionals every morning…even at 5 am…but I am not reading in chronological order at this point)

12. Go to a pottery class (we did this for my husband’s birthday!)

13. Learn about eating  clean/organic (IN PROCESS! I have found the local co-ops and places where I can get free-range eggs and meats without all the nasty stuff added. AND with the help of Pinterest I have learned more about clean eating and am going to take some baby steps until August 1st and start full-force!)

14. Have a T-shirt quilt made (really hope this is a Christmas present this year from the hubby…I have laid down some SERIOUS hints!)….OK so no Christmas present…but I WILL make this happen for 2014!

15. Start a Recipe Book

16. Go Deep Sea Fishing (We went fishing…haha but we didn’t catch anything! Most people just fed the fish (the water was very rough, haha!)

17. Sky Dive (My best teaching buddy and I bought the Groupon…and never looked back! I am so glad I didn’t chicken out because the experience was amazing!!!)

18. Ride on a hot air balloon (I am afraid that this was is out of the question until after Addie arrives)

19. See an opera (I went to see La Traviatta with two of my favorite people in Atlanta.)

20. Learn about investing/read a book about $ (creating a life insurance and financial plan with an adviser currently and read a book by Suze Orman)

21. Color Run (with Justin and Meredith in Savannah!!!)

22. Go Apple Picking in North Georgia (Went in October. It was beautiful, but still 80 degrees outside…nothing like Fall in Georgia!)





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