Finally Feeling Like Fall!

2013-10-20 13.40.03

First of all….THE WEATHER HERE IN SOUTH GEORGIA FEELS FABULOUS! I am so glad to finally wake up to that familiar crisp, cool chill in the air. Thanks God for the beauty that can be found in each of the seasons that you have created for us.

This weekend has been so much fun! My besties Tori and Mariah came in town to help me prepare for Baby Addie’s arrival in just a few weeks. Our weekend consisted of unpacking baby gliders and bouncers, washing crib bedding and clothes, shopping for new PJs and hospital bag items, and throwing one of the cutest baby showers I have ever seen! I was able to accomplish so much this weekend with the help of these guys and I don’t know what I would do without them and all of my friends who dressed up for Addie’s Halloween themed shower! (I hope to post pictures of all the fun from each of the showers that we have had this month very soon!)

I am so glad to know that Adeline is going to be raised around such Christ-centered, adventurous, daring, bold, and positive female role models. She is one lucky girl….and so am I!

With Fall fully upon us, and Addie’s arrival roughly one month (give or take a week or so…) away I thought it would be a good idea to review my Fall Bucket List: (check it out below)

1. Music Midtown Concert in Atlanta (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Imagine Dragons, Journey, Weezer, and more!) This was rainier than I expected…but still a lot of fun!

2. Read more from my “To Read Library Book List” (I have a few personal finance books that I want to check out, a few about parenting, and then some fiction fantasy just for fun!) This is probably partially fulfilled…I have read several budgeting books and books about babies as well as Divergent. I still have several on the “To Read” list, but that will probably never change…

3. Carve a pumpkin (We try to do this every year. I like to pull out the pumpkin guts and cook the seeds, while Hubby does the actual carving!)

4. Apple Picking Weekend in Ellijay, GA (I think that we are going to rent a cabin with a few friends and celebrate on the very last weekend of pregnancy that I am cleared to travel….haha!) We went with two of our very favorite couples and had a blast!

5. Make some Fall Wreaths for all my family (Look at the one I made tonight at Ladies Craft Night at Church!) Made one for my Mama for her birthday!

6. Make s’mores! Made these on our Ellijay Trip

7. Go watch my sister’s high school football games and watch her during marching band performance. Really wanted to make it to more of these, but at least we were able to see her perform at a local competition. 

8. Go back and see a college football game (and tailgate!)….I really don’t care too much for football, but I enjoy getting together with friends and eating! 🙂

9. Get a head start of Christmas shopping! (With all the excitement coming at the beginning of December, I need to start thinking about this now, or everyone will be getting a picture of Addie and a gift card!) I am proud to say that we are at least half way done Christmas shopping already and I feel better about this already!

10. Go to a local Oktoberfest festival

11. Take maternity pictures!

12. Eat greasy food at the County Fair

13. Make my 2014 Bucket List!

14. Make chili Made on the Apple Picking Weekend

15. Go on a date night to a nice (read expensive) restaurant Waring surprised my by taking me to Local 11 Ten, a local restaurant that I have been wanting to go to for a while, and then going to see Mama Mia!

16. Starting a Bible study with friends.

17. Having a baby! (ya know…no big deal… I got this….)


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