3rd Trimester Pregnancy To-Do List

This week will mark the 35th week of pregnancy for Baby Addie and I! I can’t believe in just a few short weeks we will meet this crazy little girl who is being very wiggly in my stomach as I type.

Pregnancy Update:

-I am still trying to walk/do light exercises a few times a week, but I admit that they are getting rarer!

-I have noticed some crazy swelling in my feet and lower calves, however my doc said that my blood pressure is perfect and everything else is looking stable so I am on a super low sodium diet and supposed to drink even more water than usual (so I guess that means I will have to pee every five minutes now instead of every ten minutes!)

-I feel like my second home is the bathroom at my work. I spend more time walking to and from the bathroom to make my scheduled potty breaks than anything else it feels like these days!

-I am still able to sleep through the night (no insomnia for me…yet!).

-I only have one craving: CHEWY ICE! I am so happy that a Parker’s has just popped up only 2 minutes from our house, which means I can have whenever I want!

-It feels really strange to teach sitting down, but due to the recent swelling episode I am going to have to start getting in the habit in order to keep working.

-Hubby took me on a surprise date night to Local11Ten and to see Mama Mia at the Civic Center this week. It was such a sweet surprise, and a great way to spend time together after such a hectic week.

-I have had two awesome showers in the past two weeks, and have two more this upcoming week. I feel so very blessed to have such loving family and friends who are as excited to see Addie as we are!


3rd Trimester Pregnancy To Do List:

It is finally starting to sink in (kind of) that we only have a few more weeks to get everything ready and prepped before Addie makes her grand entrance. There still seems like there is so much to do, so when I feel in doubt I always make a list! Here are just a few things that need to be accomplished: (in random order…)

-pre-register at the hospital

-wash nursery bedding and clothes

-clean house (I mean deep clean…like we may pay a team to come in here and shampoo carpets etc… I know that I just did this over the Summer, but I feel like it needs to be done again!)

-pack the hospital bag (Waring’s, Addie’s, and Mine)

-clean car (again…deep clean…)

-install the carseat

-pick a coming home outfit for Addie

-get some nursing bras? (not sure if I should wait until after she is born…)

-write a letter to Addie

-get the house sprayed for bugs (I want to do this before she arrives but I need to figure out what can/can’t be done)

-find recipes and make some freezer meals for after the baby

-write and mail out thank you lists from showers

-set up the bassinet

-check out some library books on newborn care (how hard could it be….right???)

-get new/cute pjs and slippers for the hospital stay (if I am going to be a hot mess….I at least want to be wearing cute clothes!)

-make hospital thankyou gifts

-clean out my closet and dresser

2013-10-20 14.31.10


I am sure that I have missed about 5 dozen things….but I will be doing good if I can get through most of these things as it is! Here we go!

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