Wish I Were There Wednesday: Colonial Williamsburg, VA

As a teacher, you aren’t allowed to say it…but you have a favorite topic or area to teach. In US History I really love to talk about the scandal, death, disease, and daily life during the Colonial Era. This past week my students and I explored the colony of Georgia from the viewpoint of Oglethorpe and the Trustees, as well as the Malconents, Salzburgers, and Highland Scots. You should have heard the classroom debates during our “town meeting!”


I guess all of our colonial conversations have got me missing one of my favorite museum/interactive historical sites in the United States: Colonial Williamsburg, VA. I went in the heat of the Summer, however I bet with the Fall weather blowing in, that this place is even more AMAZING!


Colonial Williamsburg, VA

IMG_8983 IMG_8929 IMG_8954 IMG_8955 IMG_8956 IMG_8957 IMG_8961 IMG_8963 IMG_8964 IMG_8967 IMG_8971

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