Music Midtown: T-Minus 1 Week and counting…..

MUSIC MIDTOWN is this WEEKEND! I am so excited that we decided to get tickets, book a hotel room, and set off on another adventure. Yes, school is crazy for hubby and I, not to mention our already busy full-time jobs….BUT sometimes you just gotta let your hair down and live a little (and I like to live…a lot…)!d\

I am excited about getting to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, Imagine Dragons, and a few others! I originally didn’t know how I would feel about going at 30 weeks pregnant…but I can honestly say that I am so glad we went a head and booked those tickets. Baby Addie kicks a lot, but I don’t mind her poking out of my midsection like a big basketball ball all that much. (Knock on wood…), I have had a pretty easy going pregnancy thus far, so I am looking forward to the last few months going forward in the same direction.


music midtown


For those of you who are worried…I plan on getting in plenty of fluids, eating some low sodium foods to cut down on swelling, and bringing a blanket to lay down at the grass at the back of the park where the concerts are being held in order to rest for a while!


And don’t worry….there will be pictures to come! 🙂

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