Dedicating Addie

Our little girl is already 10 months old. How did that happen? I am pretty sure that I blinked my eyes and she sprouted overnight. She is pulling up, patty-caking, laughing, squealing, and screaming ma-ma and da-da! I am overjoyed/excited/anxious/and terrified of the future to come.


I worry about the future. What will the current state of world affairs hold? What will Addie have to face in her life ahead of her? Only God knows…which is why Waring and I took the opportunity to publicly proclaim our commitment to raise her in a Christian home and work each day to show her the Word visibly in her life. No, we will not be perfect, and neither will she. We will have have bad days and fall miserably short of the mark. No, we did not “baptize” her; that is a choice and an action that only she can choose to do one day hopefully in the distant future. Last Sunday, with our family and friends by our side, Waring and I made a commitment to share Christ and make him the center of our family. I pray that our actions continue to bring him glory and honor.



We thank the Lord each day for the blessings he has given to us in her.

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