Life Lately….

Life has been complicated, busy, tiring, and lots of emotions in between here lately. Between 3rd trimester, testing season, and ending the school year, I haven’t had very much free time or R & R. Although this seems like a short season of sacrifice I am, and continue to be thankful for family and friends who continue to love on and support me. Here is just a little bit of what we have been up to….

  1. Painting, sight words, and piano practice with Addie and Mommy nights while Dad is working….
  2. TESTING with my most-bestest-testing-friend!!!!
  3. Prepping Eleanor’s room for her big arrival
  4. Slip-n-sliding
  5. Friend Babyshower with Tea at Gryphon
  6. Ella in Wonderland-themed shower with family and friends
  7. Addie’s first piano recital
  8. Addie & Daddy Fridays…with fishing!
  9. Funtimes in the mud at Granny Mary’s

Now, onward to Summer and lots of new adventures with Waring, Addie, and Eleanor!





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