Hurrication: Blue Ridge and Beyond

Our grand plans for Disney World were foiled when massive Hurricane Matthew decided to crash the party. Back at home the power and water were out for days, but other than a couple of downed trees we have no damage to show for all of Matthew’s efforts. It is in times like these that we realize how blessed we are, and how often we take for granted the comforts from home. This very hurricane has caused catastrophic loss of life and property throughout the Caribbean, our minor discomfort simply does not compare.

But back to the fun from this weekend….we decided to take a visit to my grandparent’s camper up in Blue Ridge, GA for a few days. We spent some time apple picking at a new orchard, collecting leaves on a hike, visiting antique shops, eating cupcakes in downtown Blue Ridge (twice), visiting the famous Blairsville Sorgum Festival, and of course playing on lots and lots of playgrounds!

While we were a little bummed not to be going to Disney we thankful to be safe away from the storm. As a family we can find fun in almost any situation or location!




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