As I think about going to work in just a few short hours, I am filled with gratitude and thanksgiving to God. I have been blessed so richly in this life, and this school year is proof of God’s faithfulness and goodness. It has been eleven years, but I am back home as a Mustang.


Since graduation I have seen the world, experienced the ups and downs of college life, married the man of my dreams, lost loved ones close to my heart, became a mother, a teacher, and an administrator. These experiences have shaped and molded my world-view, my head, and my heart.

This year I am blessed beyond measure to be working alongside a great staff, students, and community. I am helping to lead and serve my community in ways that I could never had imagined eleven years ago. More and more I am learning to trust in His plans. Even in the storm. In good times and bad, God is still good. Thank you for your perfect plans. Lord, help me to remember to give honor and praise to you in all of life’s circumstances.

You do not have tomorrow. Make every moment count!


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