Summer Bucket List: Crushed it!

In case you were wondering, Addie and I had a FABULOUS Summer. We (ok, mostly me) were driven by our Bucket List and determined to make the most of our time together. Check out some of our adventures below!


Summer Bucket List—2016 Edition

-Go see a $1 movie: I actually don’t think that we ever saw a $1 movie…but we did see a couple of full-priced ones. We saw Finding Dory and Secret Life of Pets. While Pets was pretty cute, it doesn’t get much better than Disney…. Addie sat through the entire movies with no potty accidents. Addie even shhh’ed me when I was trying to ask her if she was having a good time. Apparently you are not supposed to talk during the movies!

-Make homemade ice cream: Yeah, no we didn’t do this.

-Go camping: Or this…I have high hopes that maybe this will happen in the fall. It is just way too hot around here for this to be very much fun.

-Tiedye t-shirts: We took care of this task during our Friend-cation weekend with Tori, Mariah, and Addie.

-Pick blue berries/strawberries: We actually picked blackberries. It was hot, but it was fun!

-Make jam & can tomatoes: Blackberry picking was followed by blackberry jam making. YUM! Waring and Addie grew tomatoes together, but we ate them all!

-Host a yard sale: Done and done! While we didn’t sell a ton, we had so much fun!

-Paint Pet Rocks/Character Rocks: Addie picked out her favorite rocks in Granny Layne’s yard, and then she painted them. This year her character traits that we wrote on the rocks were “loving” and “silly.” While I would argue that “sassy” would probably fit as well she was not into it…

-Go to the Library: We have fallen back in love with our local library. They have story time each month and Addie loves to go. I love that we get to read new books instead of the same ones over and over!

-Finish Thanksgiving table cloth: I am very, very behind in this area. I need to get on it before November, but to be honest I have just gotten lazy.

-Make flash cards: Nope. We didn’t even start this. She has two more years until pre-school….She will be just fine.

-Homemade pizza night: Does picking it up from Little Caesars count?

-Oatland Island nature walk: Let’s be real….it is waaaay to hot for this!

-Throw a Tea-Party: We had lot’s of pretend ones in the playroom. We will have real ones when she gets just a bit older…..

-Make a Pillow Fort & hold a Disney Movie Marathon: We watched Aladdin and Tangled on repeat!

-Play Make-up: YES! We all got makeovers by Addie.

-Make a Stepping Stone- The stepping stone turned out to be the cutest thing ever, thanks to the help of my Papa, Granny Layne, and Aunt Jenny. I can’t wait to make this a Summer traditions and get to see these precious pavers in the yard for years to come!

-Take swim lessons- Addie had a blast swimming with Mrs. Loren. She talked and talked about her each day until we finally arrived for her lessons!

-Paint Pottery: check!

This bucket list was so much for to think about and check off. I think that we just may have to make another one for Fall! What do you think?



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